Does A Ghost Drag This Guy Across The Hall? (VIDEO)

They ran through a soccer stadium and now ghosts are dragging people through hallways.

That's what this video (shown above) would have you believe. The video is old, but it caught the Internet's eye this week.

Don't buy it? neither do these YouTube commenters that Yahoo News helpfully highlighted.

"Stop the video at exactly 0:49 ... you will notice that he is detaching something from his leg," one commenter said. "I am 100 percent sure of it. It also explains why the apparition didn't have any reflection on the floor or the glossy wall."

Another said,"I would recommend to change your filter and look at the floor. The floor lighting is not distorted. You did the wall well, but pay that in mind on the next attempt."

But others are not so skeptical.

"Even if this is fake, who would spend so much time and effort into making this look so realistic?" one commenter said. "I think many just say fake because of their first thoughts to a ghost video, I personally think this could possibly be real."

In our opinion, it's probably fake, but maybe we're just acting according to the wishes of our new ghost overlords who are not ready to reveal themselves to the public yet.

We love you ghost overlords! Great hallway dragging!



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