'Ghost Hunters' Premiere: Skeptical Crew Member Keeps Getting Scratched By Spirit (VIDEO)

For the first time since the show premiered, the "Ghost Hunters" will have to carry on the show without TAPS co-founder Grant Wilson as part of the team. Wilson left the show at the mid-season break back in May.

The Detroit News feels the show suffers a bit in Wilson's absence, particularly because co-founder Jason Hawes doesn't have the same easy rapport with the team. Plus, the exposition that used to come from Hawes and Wilson chatting now comes from voiceover work by Hawes alone.

The team was in the Old City Jail in Charleston, where the most frequent reports are of women getting scratched. For the team, that woman turned out to be Hagar, who is normally behind the cameras instead of on them. The site is where America's first female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher, was executed.

Hagar further admitted she was a skeptic, and that this scratching was like nothing she'd ever experienced on the show before. That sent up warning flags for SheKnows, who wondered how this could be her first experience -- and how she could be a non-believer -- if she's been with the show any length of time.

The Grant-less investigations continue on "Ghost Hunters," Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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