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Gorgeous, Trippy Light Show Will Make You Want To Get On Your Bike And Ride


If human-powered transportation were always this beautiful, maybe a lot more of us would be pedaling around.

Check out "Ghost Peloton," an on-the-move performance piece featuring riders, bicycles and dancers outfitted with LED lights.

The elaborate spectacle was staged during last summer's Yorkshire (U.K.) Festival for the start of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire. Video of the production was posted to Vimeo last month.

"The rhythm of movement from the choreographed actions of massed participants becomes a source of creativity in itself, extending perception of the immediate setting," the Vimeo description says.

Directed by Mark Huskisson, the filmed performance is a collaboration between the NVA's Speed of Light and the Phoenix Dance Theatre.

It's a trippy ride. Enjoy.

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