'Ghostbusters 3': Ashton Kutcher Could Star?

Who ya gonna call? Ashton Kutcher?

As the world waits breathlessly for Bill Murray to read the working script for "Ghostbusters 3" and decide whether he wants to give the world another adventure with Peter Vankman, director Ivan Reitman has dropped some details on his proposed third movie.

Reitman has said that a third movie will introduce new, younger Ghostbusters to help take over from aging Vankman, Ray, Egon and Winston. And in a new interview, promoting his film "No Strings Attached" in the UK, Reitman strongly replied, when asked, that the star of "Strings," who was with him in the interview, could certainly be a possibility to play one of those new Ghostbusters.

That star, of course, is Ashton Kutcher.

Can you see Kutcher firing up the proton pack and restoring order to NYC? What role would he play? Wise guy, a la Murray? Geek, a la Egon? Dreamer, like Ray? Lots to debate here.