This Girl Made An Awesome 'Ghostbusters' Costume And Is Our New Shero

She even got a shoutout from the movie's director.

Who you gonna call? This awesome little Ghostbuster. 

Matilda Burnett, 7, is a huge fan of the “Ghostbusters” franchise and when it came time to see the new movie, she took it upon herself to dress up for the occasion in a costume that’s nothing short of kickass. 

Matilda is definitely fit for the job. 
Matilda is definitely fit for the job. 


The 7-year-old’s dad, Max Burnett, tweeted a photo of his daughter in full gear and it not only got praise from many social media users, but it also got a shoutout from the director of the new “Ghostbusters” movie, Paul Feig. 

“Okay, this is why we made this movie,” Feig tweeted. “She is awesome and I love that she made her own proton pack! She’s a warrior.”

Yep, there's even a smiling ghost in her "proton pack!"
Yep, there's even a smiling ghost in her "proton pack!"


The girl, who proudly wore the costume to a movie theater in Sherman Oaks, California, rocked the jumpsuit complete with the “Ghostbusters” logo on the front, along with the proton pack filled with a small, smiling ghost. (Cute, right?) 

Burnett told the Huffington Post that Matilda came up with the idea all on her own and just enlisted her mother, Emily, to help make the proton pack and gun out of yarn and a plastic water bottle. 

Matilda, who has impeccable fashion sense, too! 
Matilda, who has impeccable fashion sense, too! 


“About an hour before we were to leave to the movie theater, she disappeared into her room,” Burnett said. “Thirty minutes later, she had turned an old zookeeper costume she made into a “Ghostbusters” outfit. She had drawn and cut out the patches and attached them with tape.”

Right before the family headed out, Matilda quickly ran back and grabbed her most important accessory ― a stuffed ghost she put in her backpack.

“Very funny girl,” Burnett added. 

The costume was well worth it, especially since Matilda ended up loving the reboot, which featured a female quartet. It also reinforced a feminist idea she often talks about. 

“She was very excited that it was all women. She regularly tells me that there should be more ‘girl bosses’ in the world,” her dad said. “I agree.”

In fact, it was this appreciation for girl power that pushed Burnett to share the photo on Twitter. 

“I was reading an interview with Paul Feig about “Ghostbusters” and he talked a little bit about all the hate he got about casting all women in the movie,” he said. “And so, on a whim, I thought I’d send him, and the actresses, ... Matilda’s photos and let them know that his movie inspired at least one girl to be a hero.” 

And we can safely say that Matilda is our hero. 



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