'Ghostfellas' Casting Notice Seeks 'Sopranos'-ish Ghost Hunters (VIDEO)

Will This Be The Worst Or Best Reality Show Of All Time?

Comedian and actor Anthony DeVito has apparently had enough of being invited to audition for every Italian-American stereotype the entertainment industry can think of (they can think of two: a mafia guy and a pizza guy... sometimes they're the same guy).

But when he received the following casting notice, it was apparently the straw that broke the nice guy from Brooklyn's back. He posted this image to his Facebook page, along with the caption, "This is real. I give the f*ck up."

So do we, Anthony, so do we.

But on the plus side, the "most toughest/violent ghosts in the tri-state area" are about to get their ghost asses handed to them.

Our pal Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever has now created a poster for "Ghostfellas" and is already proclaiming it to be the greatest reality show of our time.

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