Ghosts of a Tortured Past: Why George W. Bush's Torture And Preemptive War Advocates Shouldn't Be Embraced By Democrats

Bill Kristol, of all people, sums it up nicely.

This election, according to most analysts, is in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Most predicting a landslide. That’s all good news for Democrats who have had a tumultuous election season to say the least. Fissures in the party have yet to be fully repaired. In addition, many in the GOP have abandoned ship and are joining in to support Clinton over Trump.  Everyone likes to see bipartisanship, so this is also good news.

But making all of this good news tainted and worrisome is that many of George W. Bush’s former architects of torture and preemptive war have jumped on board to support Clinton. Some of them advocating some very disturbing things that seek to undermine Obama’s legacy of diplomacy.

It’s dangerous.

I think Bill Kristol summed it up, unknowingly, as to why it is:

That says it all. Already Democrats have destroyed ― through a desperation that is not needed to defeat Trump ― Obama’s pull back and advancement from the Bush years.

Here’s who Democratic pundits and leadership are embracing:

First up, Mike Morrell, former CIA Director under GWB who, according to the video below, wishes to destroy Obama’s Peace Deal with Iran. He is a also a staunch “enhanced interrogation”or torture advocate. He says it works. He was condemned and slammed by Congress when the Torture Report was released. Here’s what he had to say about the Russians, their Iranian allies and ultimately the Iran peace deal Obama worked hard to achieve:

Disturbing, to say the least. His endorsement of Clinton was well received by democrats, who didn’t flinch at what they were embracing.

It is almost as if they don’t remember who Barack Obama is, how hard he worked for that Iran Peace Deal ― which stops Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon ― and how Obama avoided a full blown war in Iran and Syria because of that. Democrats also forget how well Obama has gotten along and worked with Putin these past eight years and the praise Obama has received from Putin because of that. The red scare is on, and it is being done in the name of defeating Trump, even though this is not needed to defeat Trump.

That’s just ONE Bush official being toasted by Democrats.

Other Bush administration officials with a sordid past who are endorsing Clinton:

Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State under George W. Bush. He was pushing for removal of Saddam Hussein before George W. Bush was even in office. However, he is best known for outing former CIA Officer Valerie Plame’s identity to Richard Novak. An axe Armitage had to grind apparently for her husband, Joe Wilson, saying there were no WMDs in Iraq. The plan for the Iraq disaster could not be ruined with truth, as we all know. Armitage later apologized and admitted to his mistake.

It is safe to say Armitage’s endorsement should be disavowed by Democrats, loudly. It’s not needed, yet it’s being embraced.

Michael Hayden, Former Director of NSA and CIA. Father of the controversial NSA illegal warrantless surveillance and loss of civil liberties, pioneer of the drone program and enhanced interrogation or torture advocate. Enough said. While Hayden stopped short of endorsing Clinton, unlike the others, he was asked who his second choice is after Kasich and said Clinton was. You can win elections without signing on to this type of praise and support. All of a sudden democrats are touting this as a huge win. It’s not.  All in the name of defeating Trump. Once again, not needed to win at this point.

Bob Kagan, a neo-conservative who actively advocated for the Iraq war and is outwardly critical of Obama’s peace efforts and diplomacy. God forbid someone work for peace instead of war.

The other George W. Bush students endorsing Clinton can be seen here


Fear mongering has never ushered in anything but destruction:

When Barack Obama was elected we all breathed a sigh of relief that the Bush years were over. Relieved that the disturbing past of torture, which Obama Executive Ordered to an end, and preemptive war as policy was over ― the Iran Peace Deal is one example of that. Americans also hoped the soldiers and salesmen of these policies were also gone for good.

Yet before he leaves office, the web for connecting the disturbing neo-con, torture and preemptive war past to Democrats in the present is being woven.

Unbelievably so.

Particularly after Bernie Sanders’ movement that was supposed to move the Democratic party towards a progressive agenda. These Bush Era endorsements are seen as a threat to that.

It is up to the future Clinton Administration to do the right thing. To build on that Obama legacy and not destroy, but honor the peace deal with Iran, positive relations with Russia and Cuba and the shift away from costly and deadly preemptive war.  

The alternative is a scary one for the future of our children and our country. One of a new Cold War, more futile deadly ground wars  and more erosion of civil liberties and freedom. And worst of all more terrorist groups, which is always a fallout from war destabilization.

The enemy, fellow Democrats, is not other world leaders that have had good relations with the Obama Administration.

The real enemies are the ghosts of the past. Former leaders within our own nation who seek to destroy the advancements we’ve made these past 8 years despite their catastrophic and horrific indiscretions and crimes in their past.

Let’s hope Democrats do the right thing.