Giancarlo Esposito Talks Killing Gus On 'Breaking Bad,' Scaring Creator Vince Gilligan (VIDEO)

Giancarlo Esposito revisited his most infamous character on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The "Revolution" star talked about the day he found out his "Breaking Bad" character Gus Fring was going to die. When he went into the room with series creator Vince Gilligan to talk about it, Esposito decided to have a little fun.

He went in as his character from the show. Esposito explained, "I said, ‘OK. You wanna close the door. Close the door.’ So he made his move to close the door and I reached into my pocket and he’s really nervous now. You close the door, I’m gonna cut your throat."

Esposito said that it was a collaborative decision with Gilligan to determine that Gus needed to die by explosion. Esposito didn't think he was the kind of bad guy that would simply get shot. He was far too memorable. In fact, it's likely Esposito will be most associated with that character for the rest of his career.

Of course, that could change depending on the future of "Revolution." Esposito is playing very bad again in his new role, but it remains to be seen just how very bad he'll become.

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