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Gianna Commito's Paintings At The Armory Show

WHO: Gianna Commito

WHEN: March 3-6, 2011

WHERE: Rachel Uffner Gallery, Booth 527
The Armory Show

WHY: Beneath the graphic, striking, and geometric feel of Gianna Commito's vibrantly colored paintings, lies a rawness and handmade quality found in the paintings' nuances.

Commito's paintings are meticulously rendered only at first glance; on a second, closer look, entropic slips and incidental glitches that happen along the process of their creation reveal themselves, making the work an unusual mixture of polished and dusty, vibrant and tatty. Commito explores the physicality of the traditional materials she uses - watercolor and casein on panels primed with marble dust ground - as a way to investigate weight, texture and temperature. The paintings' anti-monumental scale is also significant. Each of them is a relatable rectangle - somewhere between a window through which one could gaze, and an object that one might grasp.

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