The Crazy World of Giant Dogs

There's dog craziness, and then there's Giant Dog Craziness, the culture and cult of giant, tremendous, enormous -- 100 pounds and up -- dogs.

Giant dogs eat special foods in greater quantities, sleep in special super-sized beds, require bigger, tougher toys along with more powerful harnesses.

They're also gentler than many other breeds, subject to more joint problems, and sadly, tend to die at a much younger age -- 6 to 10 years.

The biggest dog in the world is actually two dogs, one who's the tallest and another who is the heaviest. How big are they? Find out ahead but hint: They can definitely take you.

Also here are dogs that tower over shopping centers, squeeze into houses, lick the top of refrigerators, and get terrorized by smaller, fiercer dogs. Plus, the ginormous dog poop that got away.

The World's Biggest Dogs