Giant Fembots Land In Tokyo's Red Light District As New 'Robot Restaurant' Features Android Cabaret (VIDEO)


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Humans are so passé.

At least, that seems to be the case at a new restaurant in Japan, where even the go-go dancers have been usurped by giant racy robots that wink, wave and boogie down to Lady Gaga.

Tokyo's "Robot Restaurant," located in one of the city's best-known red light districts, opened recently with an unveiling of a larger-than-life cabaret act.

Emerging amidst flashing neon lights and operated by scantily clad women, the club's four 12-foot fembots tower over the crowd, their giant arms swinging to the beat of the music as their faces twitched uncannily.

Frankly, the human performers didn't even stand a chance.

According to Reuters, these fembots cost 10 billion yen ($125.8 million) to make and took three years to build.

"The concept behind this restaurant is fighting, feisty females, and the robots are part of that theme," said the club's spokesman.

Bot-loving customers have been flocking to the club since its opening, eagerly shelling out the 3,000 yen ($38) for a one-hour dinner performance that includes a bento (boxed meal) dinner, CNET reports.

Japan -- where more than half of the world's industrial robots are used -- is no stranger to the world of robotics.

Nonetheless, despite its popularity, the club and its busty bots have baffled some patrons.

"I'm not sure what I just saw in there," several audience members said after watching a performance, according to Reuters.

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