Machine Gun Free-For-All Creates Massive Explosions ... for Fun

Because, you know, 'Murica.

Even movie magic can't create a explosions like these. 

Picture a single machine gun firing a round of ammo into an oil drum and sending it into flames. Satisfied? 

Now watch what that looks like times a thousand, courtesy of this video posted by

It's the Knob Creek Gun Shoot, where hundreds of machine gun owners let their bullets fly freely into a field of cars, boats and other fuel laden receptacles. Because, you know, 'Murica.

The event takes place twice a year in West Point, Kentucky and is the largest gun shoot in the country. The shooting spectacle lasts for 15 minutes, during which the detonation of 50,000 rounds of machine gun ammo creates explosions like you've never seen before. Nearly 20,000 people gather to watch the good ole' fashion firey fun. 

But for those who'd like to stay far, far away from flying machine gun bullets, the drone footage will do just fine. 

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