Want Ebola? Supplies Are Running Out, And It's So Soft And Cuddly

It might actually be easier to get Ebola than it is to buy one of these plush toys modeled on the deadly disease.

Toymaker Giant Microbes has sold out of its Ebola toy, according to reports aired on WTKR and elsewhere.

Giant Microbes is a maker of disease-related playthings and their soft, cuddly stuffed doll shaped like the virus turned into a bestseller at $9.95 a pop. The company was out of stock at least through Wednesday evening.

"Since its discovery in 1976, Ebola has become the T. Rex of microbes," Giant Microbes says on its website about the disease that's killed thousands in West Africa this year and caused a panic in the United States.

The Ebola toy was introduced five years ago, according to CBS News, but only now has become a hot item.

Their Ebola line of products also includes a petri dish toy and one called "primordial putty."

And if you're looking for another viral novelty, Ebola costumes for Halloween are also on the market.