This Giant Oreo Cookie Cake Is About To Make Your Day

This Giant Oreo Cookie Cake Is About To Make Your Day

If you know the greatness that is Oreo, you know that getting your fill of the cream-stuffed chocolate sandwich cookie is impossible. No matter how many Oreos you eat, how many you bake into cakes, how many you devour with ice cream, it never feels like enough. YouTuber "Hey! It’s Mosogourmet” feels those same feelings, which is why she set out to make one of the biggest Oreo cookies we've ever seen.

The giant cookie is made of two fudgy chocolate cakes, baked into giant Oreo cookie molds and filled with a whipped cream frosting. It's everything you could ever hope it would be, and we haven't even shown you the best part yet:

YouTube/Hey! Itâs Mosogourmet

There are Oreo cookies IN the whipped cream frosting. Folks, life doesn't get better than this. Watch the video above to see how it's done and then head on over to Hey! It's Mosogourmet!!'s You Tube page for the complete recipe.

H/T Pixable

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