Giant Rabbit And Tiny Pigs Are Best Friends (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Giant Rabbit And Tiny Pigs Are Best Friends

Yes, this rabbit happens to be bigger than those pigs. But best friends really do come in all shapes and sizes, so just revel in the happiness of these photos for a minute.

bunny pig

Mini pigs Chino and Penny love to cuddle with Rob the giant rabbit at the Pennywell Farm in Britain, according to an accompanying photo caption. The teacup animals have been bred at the site since 1992 and only weigh around 250 grams at birth. Surprisingly, they only grow to about a fifth the size of a regular pig.

bunny pig

Mini pigs have caused quite the craze lately. Unfortunately, the teacup animals don't stay mini for very long and the Best Friends Animal Society warns that thousands of them could end up at shelters when they outgrow their homes.

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