Capybara Adopts Dachshund Puppies (SLIDESHOW)

LOOK: Puppies And Their Giant Rodent Mom Play Together

Rodents can be cute, you guys. Even giant rodents. And they're like, really good moms.

The resident capybara at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, who is named Cheesecake, recently "adopted" a litter of dachshund puppies. What is a capybara? Basically a very large guinea pig.

According to Dogster, the puppies were abandoned. Someone stuffed them in a plastic bin, closed the lid and dumped it behind a church.

Luckily, a person at the facility turned them over to Rocky Ridge, where they frolic with Cheesecake on the reg.

Check them out below.

Cheesecake The Capybara Adopts Litter Of Dachshund Puppies

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