Giant Squid Captured Alive On Film In Its Natural Habitat On 'Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real' (VIDEO)

One of the most elusive creatures on the planet was at the center of "Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real." After years of searching the deep waters, scientists finally managed to track down the giant squid and capture it alive on film.

Dead giant squid have been seen plenty of times, washed up on shorelines. It was this type of sighting that inspired "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Scientists wanted to go into the natural habitat and capture footage of the creature in its native environment. And that's just what they managed to pull off.

The giant squid has a body ten feet in length and can stretch to 26 feet total with its tentacles. The scientists were thrilled to capture one on film for the first time ever, but this was only scratching the surface in coming to understand these animals. It's also the first step, though, so there are surely more exciting times ahead in the scientific community as they strive to learn more about them, answering lingering questions from their lifespan to their general behavior.

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