Humongous Sunfish Dwarfs Divers

As scary as it may appear, the gargantuan creature poses no threat to humans.

When fishermen talk about the one that got away they just may be talking about this giant sunfish.

The September 2013 encounter, which just started to go viral recently, documents a sighting of a Mola mola off the coast of Azores, Portugal.

This species is found in tropical and temperate oceans and weighs an average of 2,200 pounds -- nearly as much as a Toyota Yaris. The largest Mola mola on record weighed a whopping 5,071 pounds, according to Ocean Sunfish.

"The Sunfish seemed not to be bothered by our presence at all and followed us for 15 minutes," ViralHog quotes videographer Miguel Pereira.

"Mola" is the Latin word for millstone, a nod to the fish's rounded shape.

As scary as this creature appears to be, it poses no threat to humans. It subsists on jellyfish and crustaceans.

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