Insanely Huge 'Super Soaker' Shatters Watermelons And Glass

Prepare to be blown away. The 7-foot-long super soaker blasts water at 243 MPH and 2,400 PSI.

A former NASA engineer has unveiled a monster-sized water gun ― which he’s calling the “world’s largest super soaker” ― that’s capable of smashing glass, Coke cans, watermelons and, most likely, a world record.

Mark Rober, who last year presented the world’s largest Nerf gun, showed off his 7-foot-long creation on YouTube on Tuesday, with the device spraying water at 243 MPH and 2,400 pounds-per-square-inch — that’s eight times the pressure of a fire hose.

According to Rober, the “super soaker” took about six months to build and, like the original toy’s design, relies on air pressure to fire. In this updated model, the device utilizes tanks of nitrogen gas and water, which are stored in the handle.

As he demonstrates in his YouTube video, the water’s force easily destroys fruit, plastic balls, wine glasses and eggs.

But those aren’t the only things he hopes to break.

Rober has formally applied his creation to be a Guinness World Record holder in the largest water pistol category, Guinness Spokesperson Sofia Rocher confirmed to HuffPost.

As of Wednesday, the current record holder belongs to the Monster XL water pistol, which is 39 inches in length and can hold 162 fl oz of water, making it sound like child’s play when compared to Rober’s impromptu pressure washer. (Light-duty pressure washers, by the way, fire below 2,000 PSI.)

In case you’re wondering about Guinness’ biggest water balloon, that category has yet to be claimed, Rocher said.

A word to the wise: If engaging in a water fight with Rober, make sure you choose your weapon carefully.

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