Giant Tarpon vs. Kid (VIDEO)

Perhaps it's not the smartest move to dangle your hand holding a fish in front of giant tarpons. Fortunately, no one appears to have gotten hurt.

According to the person who submitted the giant tarpon video:

We were down feeding the giant tarpon from the docks. The tarpon were extremely aggressive this day and jumping up trying to grab the dangling fish.

This kid was using his jacket to cover his hand to try to prevent the tarpon from scraping up his hand. (Tarpon have very abrasive inner mouths that will leave your hands bleeding). This kid dangles the fish and the tarpon jumps up to grab it, but also grabs his jacket. The kid has super fast reflexes and grabs his jacket. It was cool to watch!

Following the Gulf Oil Spill, scientists worried that the tarpon was in danger. According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, the tarpon has a large bony underslung jaw, and can weight over 300 pounds.

Kids, don't try this at home.