Huge, Rare Video Game Collection Sells On Ebay For Over $1.2 Million

It's a gamer's dream, no matter what side of the deal you're on.

A 32-year-old French man who goes by the name "Andre" recently put 7,000 video games from his collection up on Ebay — and the high bidder will be forking over more than $1.2 million.

According to the LA Times, Andre explained that the collection is particularly rare because it includes the complete sets of games made for every Nintendo and Sega console.

"I perfected some full sets by getting every title of them factory-sealed, just for the challenge of it," Andre told the LA Times.

"Now that the mission is complete, maybe it’s time to move on," he added.

Game Spot estimates that each individual item in the collection cost an average of $170 as of the final bid. The games range from rare to common, one of the rarest items being Virtual Boy's Virtual Bowling for the Virtual Boy Console which Andre was selling for $2,000 on its own.

Andre has been collecting games for years and claims he was a dedicated gamer until he was 25. He says he still has thousands of games even after the auction — and multiple back-up plans in the event the buyer doesn't pay out.

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