There's A Free 270-Foot Waterslide Coming To New York City

Get your swimsuit on and your sunscreen out, New York, because there's a crazy-long waterslide headed your way.

The 270-foot slide will be stationed downtown in Foley Square between Centre Street and Lafayette Street on August 1, 8, and 15. The massive waterslide is part of a partnership between Slide the City and NYC's free annual "Summer Streets" program, for which roadways are shut down for people to "play, run, walk and bike" (and now slide). Those who partake in the fun will get an inflatable tube on which to shimmy down the slide, preventing what would probably be horrible road rash.

Below are pictures of other Slide the City events that will give you an idea of what NYC's slide will look like:

Seriously unreal. You guys are amazing! We have almost 4000 followers. Thanks for supporting our childhood dreams!

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The bigger the beach ball, the more fun the beach ball. #slidethecity

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Want your chance to slide in the sun? Registration for the waterslide is available at Slide the City. The site allows users to register up to three participants for one free ride each. The waterslide will be available for all three days of Summer Streets from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., though August 1 is already fully booked.

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