In Case You Ever Wanted To See A Giant Wooden Yo-Yo In Action...

There are yo-yo tricks, and then there's this.

In the stunning video above, a giant 72-inch wide, 370-plus pound yo-yo is brought into a California desert, hoisted 100 feet into the air by a 4-ton crane and then let go.

In a phrase: It's totally gnarly.

The video was created by paint company Benjamin Moore to illustrate the efficacy of a new line of wood stain. The company collaborated with a yo-yo expert and a team of craftsmen and engineers to create the massive yo-yo, which was made out of reclaimed Douglas fir wood.

Though described as the "world's largest wooden yo-yo" by Benjamin Moore, the Guinness Book of World Records listed an 11-foot, 9-inch yo-yo as the world's largest last year. That giant yo-yo, dubbed the "Whoa-Yo" by its creator Beth Johnson, was also made of wood.

The Huffington Post has reached out to Benjamin Moore for clarification but has yet to hear back.

Regardless of whether the larger-than-life Douglas fir yo-yo is a record-holder, the gargantuan toy is a real sight to behold, and its drop from the skies is spectacular. Now, all we need is a giant robot to grab that yo-yo and do some rad tricks. Around the World or Walk the Dog, anyone?