Giants' Super Bowl Victory May Hurt Hillary On Election Day

On occasion, the world of politics and sports do collide -- but never with the flair they will on Tuesday, when the presidential primary and the Giant's Super Bowl party will compete for attention on the streets of Manhattan.

The ticket-tape parade for New York will likely draw hundreds of thousand of fans and onlookers. And because several members of the Giants are slated to head to Hawaii soon thereafter for the Pro Bowl, there is no way to delay the proceedings.

How it will affect the election - if at all - is impossible to say. Does the male beer-drinking, football watching demographic support their hometown senator, Hillary Clinton, or the Chicago Bears-loving Barack Obama? Are people capable of voting and attending a parade on the same day? Will this produce the worst gridlock ever?

The questions may seem entirely too trivial. But they were of enough importance that officials in Boston - predictably confident of a Patriots win - were already planning parade routes that would skirt polling places.

"The really good news is that New York voters don't have this problem because there is no chance of a Giants victory parade," said Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, an Obama supporter, earlier this week. "I just hope this can be worked out, because Senator Obama being elected president is an historic first, while the Patriots Super Bowl victory parade is an annual event."

Sorry Senator. Maybe next year.