39% Of Republicans Want More Birther Coverage

Gibbs On Birthers: "You Couldn't Sell This Script In Hollywood"

A Pew poll finds that a plurality of Republicans are not embarrassed by the Obama birther conspiracy. In fact, they wish the media spent more time on it.

"Republicans are ... inclined to say that the allegations have received too little attention," the poll reports. "Nearly four-in-ten Republicans (39%) express this view, while 27% say they have received the right amount of attention and 26% say they have gotten too much attention.

"If anything surprised me, it's how many people have heard about this," Michael Dimock, an associate director at the Pew Research Center, told the Washington Independent. "When we put the question in, we said to ourselves, well, Lou Dobbs has covered it, and it's been discussed on the Internet. For 80 percent of people to have heard something about this is pretty high."

The White House expressed exasperation Thursday morning with the whole thing, after a poll found that only 53% of Virginians were sure President Obama was born in the U.S.

"You couldn't sell this script in Hollywood," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters.

"Tell me if you've heard one that's this totally crazy," Gibbs said. "A pregnant woman leaves her home to go overseas to have a child -- who there's not a passport for -- so is in cahoots with someone...to smuggle that child, that previously doesn't exist on a government roll somewhere back into the country and has the amazing foresight to place birth announcements in the Hawaii newspapers? All while this is transpiring in cahoots with those in the border, all so some kid named Barack Obama could run for President 46 and a half years later. You couldn't sell that to the WB."

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