Welcome To The Airport With The Most Inconvenient Runway EVER

Apparently, no inch of space goes wasted in Gibraltar.

In one of the weirdest -- if not the weirdest -- airport situation we've ever seen, planes must cross multiple lanes of traffic to land on Gibraltar International's tiny airstrip.

Located on a peninsula, the British overseas territory is just three miles long and less than a mile wide... so naturally its main road runs right through the airport.

When planes land or take off, traffic halts for about 10 minutes while the busy street doubles as part of the runway. Then everything goes back to normal, just after a plane zooms right above the crystal-blue ocean.

gibraltar airport



There is talk of progress on a tunnel that would take the road underground, beneath the airstrip. The tunnel has yet to be completed.

...and we kind of hope it takes a while, because this is too fun to watch.



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