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12 Gift Ideas For Couples Who Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Need these. All of these.

Nailing down the perfect holiday gift for your significant other can be tricky. Jewelry is pretty but predictable and a tech gift like the Amazon Echo is practical, but feels impersonal.

We decided to come up with our own wish list tailored to couples who see romance a bit differently than the rest. Below are 12 awesome gifts for spouses with a sense of humor.

‘Mine/Yours’ Pillowcases
Live with a bed hog? It’s time to take back what’s rightfully yours.
Buy these from Kakabaka on Etsy for $55+.
Because normal couples are boring.
Buy this from LuciusArt on Etsy for $39+.
‘It’s About To Get Nostalgic’ Photo Album
Take a trip down memory lane together with this playful photo album.Buy it from DiamondEyesChicago on Etsy for $39.
Heisenberg 'Let’s Cook' Cutting Board
The only known cure for an S.O. who’s still struggling with “Breaking Bad” withdrawals.
Buy it from CreativeButterflyXOX on Etsy for $24.95.
‘Elf’ Pint Glasses
A festive way to combine your spouse’s love of Will Ferrell and beer.

Buy them from Rockabilia for $32.
‘Why You’re So Awesome’ Fill-In-The-Blank Book
Fill in the blanks and then let your boo unwrap this instant confidence booster.

Buy it from Barnes & Noble for$9.95.
'Hungover AF' Coffee Mug
Holiday hangovers suck. These cheeky mugs might help you guys crack a smile amid the pain.

Buy it from cutemugsandthings on Etsy for $12.58.
Funny Spoon and Fork Set
This is not your grandmother’s silverware.

Buy them from BabyPuppyDesigns on Etsy for $28.
‘You’re Right’ Throw Pillow
A decorative pillow to end any argument.

Buy it from Alexandra Ferguson for $97.
'I Love You More Than Coffee' Wood Sign
But please don't make me prove it. 😬Buy it from SarikoDesigns on Etsy for $62.
‘Groceries & Sh*t’ Tote Bag
You two can hit up the farmers market in style with this canvas tote.
Buy it from Relish Decor for $26.
Litle Box Of Date Nights
It's time to break up the Netflix and takeout monotony.

Buy it from FlytrapOnE on Etsy for $15.

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