Give The Gift Of Orgasm This Holiday Season

What gift do you really want? Is it really that new sweater or tie? If you're honest with yourself, would the answer be to feel sexual arousal again, or to have some kind of ramped up and new sexual experience? What if all you want for Christmas is an orgasm? You wouldn't be alone.

So how do you give the gift of arousal and orgasm to yourself or to your partner? It's about bringing in the toys, ideas, and accessories that you need to turn on and get it on! Plus, I have some really good basic ideas of things to add to your gift list.

8 Tips For Giving The Gift of Orgasm

1. Get Messy!

When it comes to sexual pleasure, whether it is male-bodied persons or female-bodied persons, make sure that you bring lots of lube to the party. My favorite products are Sex Butter and Sliquid Natural Intimate Lubricant. You just can't have too much lube when you are talking sexual pleasure. Be generous.

2. Change Positions!

Consider bringing in a new piece of play furniture and see things from a new perspective! I love The Liberator! These pieces can bring a new sense of adventure to your sex life and can be easily stored. New positions bring new possibilities and these pieces can inspire a lot of playful, happy times! Put one of these under the tree and see what happens!

3. Get Fancy!

When you want to go sleek and elegant in giving your gift of orgasm, think LELO. LELO has some of the best vibes around and the design is sexy and elegant. Put one of these in your stocking! Or how about a Date Night Fun Kit?
or a mini-massage kit with an invitation attached for some erotic massage? Or some Japanese Hot Wax Candles? It's all about getting the party started with some new toys and some anticipation.

4. The BestGasm!

Everyone likes to get power toys for the Holiday! Make sure yours is a Magic Wand Rechargeable by Hitachi. This updated version is recommended by Back To The Body: Sensuous Retreats For Women; and is a better version of the incredible plug-in Hitachi that women have been using for 47 years. If you don't know about this toy, it's time.

5. Get Snazzy!

One fun way to give the gift of orgasm is to start with arousal! And one of the best ways to start that engine is with giving and receiving sexy dress up! How about some shimmering body powder? Yes, of course, there's lingerie for her and him. But also ... think outside the box. Maybe someone wants to be a sexy unicorn this year? Think out of the silky pantie box! Colored condoms anyone?

6. Plan a Sex Getaway For One or Two!

Put a sexcation on the gift list this year and increase the burn! There is nothing like taking orgasm to another location and pushing your erotic edges by learning more with each other or for yourself!

Everyone has erotic cobwebs! Sexcations are the perfect way to shake off cobwebs from your orgasm!

7. Get All Fifty Shades of Grey!

How about putting some ropes, paddles and a blindfold on the list? Or taking lessons for the weekend with a bondage instructor? Now that's hot! Anyone feeling any arousal yet?

8. The Hands Have it!

Buy a Massage Table (go through Amazon -- they will deliver and they are inexpensive!), and include this book and Video Combination: Red Hot Touch. I think your partner will get the message!

So forget the juicer and the gym membership. Isn't it time to give the gift that everyone wants?

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