Gift Wrap Your Face, And Treat EVERYONE On Your List

Give the people what they want.

You know how people say "your presence is a present?" Now it really is: Gift wrap with your face on it helps you bless others in the most generous yet narcissistic way possible this holiday season.

It's hands down the easiest way to give the gift of you. Imagine giving your mom, friend, significant other or dentist's second cousin a beautifully wrapped box adorned with nothing but your sweet, shining head (or that of your baby, or your dog):

To gift wrap your face, just upload a photo to, trace out your head, and choose the pattern onto which you want your face to be plastered. Half rolls sell for $7.99, and a full roll of gift wrap is $14.99.

What a small price to pay for the gift of YOU. Merry selfie-mas!

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