10 Unique Gift Ideas For Active Families

Active gift ideas for families who have everything.
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For some families, a vacation is all about relaxing on the beach, soaking up some rays, and planning evenings around restaurants to try and places to shop. For others, however, vacation is just another occasion for adventure — a time to go kitesurfing, hiking around the local national park, bicycling around town or skiing in the mountains.

Active families like to be on their feet and on the move, which is why we’ve compiled this list of fun and practical gifts for those families who can’t seem to sit down and relax. From products for the people who’d rather be working out, to active gifts families can use together, these are all ideas catered around an on-the-go lifestyle.

Here, 11 fun gift ideas for active families:

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Matching compression socks, for their next family run.
Under Armour
Families who run together stay together. Grab the marathoners you know matching compression socks for their next Turkey Trot or Santa Race. Choose a neon color or crazy pattern so you can pick them out of the crowd.
A health and fitness subscription box.
Few things are better than receiving a customized gift in the mail every month. Cratejoy has a wide range of subscription boxes for a number of hobbies — everything from fly fishing and running to healthy eating and weight lifting.
A beginner yoga mat, for the little one to perfect his cat-cow pose.
It’s never too early to try a little downward dog. There are specialty yoga mats for kids that have pictures of poses — or of simplified poses — so kiddos can keep up with mom or dad during morning stretches.
A National Parks Trail Maps collection.
National Geographic
Families who love to hike will treasure this set of classic National Geographic National Parks trail maps. It includes 10 topographic maps that are tear and waterproof.
A pint-sized blender, for post-adventure smoothies.
Give the gift of a cool drink after a day of adventures in the sun. The Magic Bullet blender is perfect for concocting healthy snacks loaded with fruit and veggies. You can even use it to make tasty treats like dairy-free banana “ice cream,” homemade hummus and so much more. The recipe options are nearly endless!
A foam roller, for days of rest.
Foam rollers can be used for muscle recovery, pain relief and much more. They’re also easy to use, so anyone — even the kiddos — can roll out when they’re feeling achy. An added bonus? Foam rollers can be easily tucked in a closet or small space, so it’s also a gift that won’t create clutter.
A way for outdoorsy families to upgrade their next camping trip.
Uncommon Goods
Take camping up a notch with this portable grill that doubles as a USB charger. With power generated by renewable fuel like twigs, pine cones and wood pellets through a smokeless furnace, you can cook, boil and generate power to charge your phone. It even includes a flexible USB light so you can see your surroundings while you cook at night.
A classic lawn game for summer parties.
Cornhole is a classic lawn game that’s perfect for barbecues and long summer nights in the backyard. This set comes with LED-lighted bags so you can keep the fun going even when the sun sets.
An archery set, for adventurous families.
LL Bean
Spark a little family competition with this archery set from L. L. Bean. It comes with a bow, arrows, target, arm guard, belt clip and more.
A way for them to enjoy the sun without getting a sunburn.
The North Face
This portable shelter is perfect for a day at the beach, a party in the backyard, or a trip to the park. It’s large enough to fit around most picnic tables while seating about four people, and comes in several fun colors and patterns. Plus, it’s easy to pitch and pack.

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