The Best Gifts To Give Someone Who Loves Baking

Your friend who's really into baking just might knead these gifts.

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Quirky baking gift ideas for the baker who has everything.
Quirky baking gift ideas for the baker who has everything.

You know it’s been a weird year when so many of us flocked to flour it was sold out for week. Some of us even got a green thumb during our spare time and started rocking sexy face masks.

But one of the best things to come out of these strange times is all the baking that’s being done. Making your own sourdough from scratch was the hottest thing for a second. Decorating your focaccia became a sport in itself. Everyone was even going bananas for banana bread back in April.

You probably have a friend who has gotten really into baking — like “Great British Baking Show”-kind of baking that involves piping, layering and too many crumb coats to count. They probably know a recipe or two for soufflés like the back of their hand.

Now that it’s almost the holiday season, you might be looking to get that friend a gift that’ll celebrate just how good they got at baking this year, so we went ahead and found the perfect presents that every baker kneads.

From the ultimate apron that can do it all (with pockets) to pie crust molds that’ll fill them with joy, these gifts will be icing on the cake for the baker who has everything.

Below, gift ideas for the baker who has everything:

The ultimate apron that can do it all
Toss out that old apron — this one doesn't just handle all those "splatters, splashes and spills." It has pockets that double as oven mitts or pot holders for your friend's just-baked desserts and delicacies. Find it $45 at Food52.
A floral tray to have all their eggs right where they can see them
Urban Outfitters
They won't glaze over this ceramic egg tray, which can hold half a dozen eggs. That way they won't have to keep opening and closing the fridge. It has a pretty floral print, too. Find it for $16 at Urban Outfitters.
A set of measuring cups you won't mind on the counter
Any baker knows that you have to be careful with your measurements. And these measuring cups will not only get the job done, but together the cups come together to form a milk bottle. The set will look oh-so-cute just sitting on the counter. Find the set for $24 at Anthropologie.
A hand mixer so they won't have to whisk too hard
This KitchenAid hand mixer has nine different speeds, including a "soft start" function so nothing splatters everywhere. This mixer comes with two beaters, two dough hooks, blender rod and whisk. Find it for $75 at QVC.
A cake candle that looks good enough to eat
If they find baking to be a piece of cake, why not give them a piece of cake? This cake-shaped candle will make the holidays just a little sweeter. Find it for $20 at Catbird.
A dish towel for those who don't take shortcuts (and love cats!)
If your friend is one to make their batters and bakes from scratch, this dish towel will be much appreciated.
Find it for $15 at AlwaysFits. There's a matching oven mitt, too.
An oven rack pull so they don't burn their fingers
Uncommon Goods
You have to make sure those cookies aren't raw in the middle. This oven rack pull will come in handy when their bakes are too hot to handle. Find it for $20 at Uncommon Goods.
A trio of mixing bowls to mix it up
Chances are your friend is trying out all sorts of fillings, icings and batters. Make sure they have enough room with this trio of mixing bowls from KitchenAid. Each bowl is non-slip and has a pour spout. Find the set for $25 at QVC.
Pie crust molds that'll fill them with joy
Looking for an Insta-worthy pie pic? This mold has five different decorative designs to make that pie crust look picture perfect. Make sure to get that filling just tart enough. Find it for $17 at Williams-Sonoma.
A cake stand that's more modern than the one from their mom
If they put their desserts on a pedestal, they'll thank you for this cake stand. It's much more modern than the traditional ones you might be used to seeing. This stand is made from marble and brass. Find it for $58 at Anthropologie.
A market tote to go hands-free at the farmers' market
If they've been experimenting a lot and taking tons of trips to their local farmers' market, your friend will love this tote. It has pockets so that everything stays in place and even a seatbelt for flowers. Find it for $65 at Food52.
A set of baking dishes from a fancy French brand
From cult-favorite kitchen brand Le Creuset, this set includes two different sized round baking dishes made with an enamel that's scratch and stain-resistant. They're safe to go in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer. Find them for $85 at QVC.
A stainless steel spatula to avoid breaking the brownies
Steer clear of breaking brownies and stuck on slices of pie with this stainless steel spatula that has an angled head so it's extra delicate. Find it for $30 at Williams-Sonoma.
A bread bin for baguettes and bagels
They'll want to keep all their homemade breads fresher for longer. This bread bin will do just the trick, with a little bit of vintage vibes added in as well. Find it for $48 at Anthropologie.
A minimalist's guide to making sourdough
Uncommon Goods
So, they'll have new recipes in their repertoire. But this cookbook will also make sourdough seem less scary for the beginner. It comes with recipes for focaccia, pita and brioche as well. Find it for $28 at Uncommon Goods.
A colorful set of knives to chop away
Every baker could use a better of knives. For everything from apple slices to loaves of bread, this set of Cuisinart knives will make them feel like a top chef in the kitchen. The knives have non-stick blades so nothing gets too stuck in the process either. Each knife has a blade guard, too. Find the set for $40 at QVC.
An old-fashioned pie bird to stop soggy bottoms
Le Creuset
A pie bird actually helps vent steam and keep the bottom crust from becoming too mushy (no "soggy bottoms" as Mary Berry would say). Now, pies and tarts will stay crisp as they're supposed to be. It's also one of the cheapest things you'll ever see with a Le Creuset label. Find it for $13 at Le Creuset.
A rolling pin that can roll with the punches
This rolling pin isn't like the others. It can be adjusted to five different sizes and built-in measurement markers. Not only will your baked goods taste good, they'll be accurate AF. Find it for $39 at Food52.
A cookie cutter set that's out of this world
Following the latest season of "The Mandalorian"? Your friend won't be able to resist this set of "Star Wars"-themed cookie cutters. May the force be with you. Find it for $24 at Nordstrom.
A rosebud cake pan that's better than a bouquet
Your friend won't need rose-colored glasses to appreciate this rosebud cake pan. It's too cute, with six spaces to fill for mini cakes and muffins. Find it for $34 at QVC.
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