These Gifts For ‘Great British Bake Off’ Fans Are Sheer Perfection

Ready, set, gift!

We all know someone who’s obsessed with “The Great British Bake Off,” and who can blame them? The cozy British reality show is like TV therapy in the form of a comforting, calming, cookie-filled dive into a world where the the stakes are only as high as the towering showstoppers.

Unlike many American competition shows, contestants on “Bake Off” are there to make friends, and their support for one another makes for a Netflix binge session that’s both relaxing and inspiring for both seasoned bakers and beginners. Having never baked so much as a boxed cake mix before, my boyfriend made a cake from scratch after watching one “Bake Off” episode. Talk about a Star Baker!

If you are in search of gifts for “Great British Bake Off” fans in your life, we’ve got you covered. We’ve cooked up 15 great “Bake Off” gift ideas that are sheer perfection for the Sue to your Mel.

Ready, set, gift!

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A “Great British Baking Show” apron of their own.
Etsy / LingArtDesigns
Any true GBBO fan will feel their life is simply incomplete without a “Great British Baking Show” apron to rock while pulling a Star Baker-worthy treat out of the oven. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts in the kitchen with this Star Baker apron.
This ‘No Soggy Bottoms’ sign.
Etsy / DexMex
Do right by Mary Berry with this stylish, vintage-inspired sign that will be a welcome addition to any “Bake Off” fan’s kitchen decor.
An embossing rolling pin, for the detail-oriented baker.
Etsy / DiamondWoodcomua
Help your friends create pie crusts that are almost too pretty to eat with a set of stylish embossing rolling pins . With six different patterns to choose from, there’s a pin (and a pie) for every occasion.
A baking subscription box.
There is a subscription box for literally every kind of hobby, and baking is no exception. Give your friends and family the gift of a technical challenge with its own cheat sheet. The SoBakeable subscription baking box sends two baking kits delivered every other month.
A KitchenAid Stand mixer, for serious bakers.
There is no better gift for a baker than a KitchenAid stand mixer. The perfect combination of utility and beauty, these kitchen gadgets will level up even the most beginner cook’s game in the kitchen. Sure you can bake without one, but why would you want to?
A Noel Fielding-inspired button-up shirt.
It’s a controversial topic, but many people remain loyal fans of the most recent “Bake Off” series, despite Mary Berry’s departure. Noel Fielding fans may enjoy that his strange, irreverent sense of humor has been toned down from his “Mighty Boosh” days, but his fashion choices are still as bold as Old Gregg is creepy.

For the friend who’s obsessed with Noel’s fashion choices, buy him or her a colorful button-up shirt that he would rock, like this gingerbread man shirt, any one of these styles from Bonobos, or even this one, which Noel actually sported on the show!
A copy of Sue Perkins’s book.
You don’t have to rewatch the old seasons to get more Sue. Just snag a copy of her 2015 book “Spectacles: A Memoir.” Amazon reviewers praise it for its ability to make you laugh, cr, and laugh some more within the same sentence.
This 25-piece Pyrex baking set.
Cake pans, cookie sheets, measuring cups and more. This 25-piece baking set has everything an aspiring Star Baker needs to start their signature bake.
A silicone pastry mat, for quick clean up and precise measurements.
Good for pies, cookies and everything in between, this silicone baking mat is the perfect present for a GBBO fan who thrives on precision and minimal clean up.
Paul Hollywood’s other shows.
Food Network
If you know someone who can’t get enough of Paul Hollywood and his piercing blue stare, they’ll love the first season of “Paul Hollywood City Bakes,” which features their favorite silver fox traveling the world to pass judgement on local baking heritage.
A mini Mary Berry, to watch over their bakes.
For the baker who needs some inspiration in the kitchen, this Mary Berry figurine is sure to brighten their mood sitting next to their oven. Bonus points if you throw Paul Hollywood’s tiny doppelganger into the mix.
A fancy piping kit, to perfect their Victoria sponge cake.
Bed Bath and Beyond
“Bake Off” fans know that baking is only half the challenge. Once their cakes and treats have cooled, they’ll be glad to have this fancy piping kit on hand to decorate their showstopping desserts.
This cute cupcake kitchen timer, for precise bake times.
On your marks, get set, bake! No need to worry about burned tops or soggy bottoms when you’ve properly timed your bake with this cupcake-shaped timer. Make Mary Berry proud.
An Easy Bake Oven, for the littlest “Bake Off” fan.
If you know a mini “Great British Baking Show” fan who can’t yet use the oven on their own, start them off with a classic Easy Bake Oven and they’ll be ready for bread week in no time.
And, of course, the newest “Great British Bake Off” cookbook.
With recipes from Prue Leith, Paul Hollywood and the rest of the “Bake Off” team, “The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking For Friends And Family” cookbook will keep any fan busy until the next series drops. It’s due out early December, but you can pre-order it now.