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20 Gifts For New Parents That Aren't Baby Related

Non-baby gifts for the new parents who have everything else they need.

New parents are given practically everything they could ever need to clothe, change, travel with, feed and take care of their little bundle of joy. Though every gift for their little one is appreciated, sometimes the surplus of baby essentials can be overwhelming. After all, how many polka dot onesies is too many?

First-time parents with a sense of humor might enjoy a novelty mustache pacifier or a painfully honest tote bag, but as a friend to the new parents, sometimes you want to treat them to something that’s not just for their little one. A thoughtful, non-baby gift for the new parents who already have everything they need for baby can be even more beneficial to their health and happiness than another toy or baby blanket. Plus, baby won’t care. We promise.

Below, we’ve rounded up 20 gifts for new parents that aren’t for the baby. And, just so you know, HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.

A deluxe Instant Pot, to bring dinner to the table faster.
This gift should be a no-brainer. Any kitchen tool that can take time out of cooking is a tool that all new parents need. With an Instant Pot, parents can prepare foods 70 percent faster than traditional methods. Now that’s a winner winner chicken dinner.
A spa gift set, to bring all the benefits of a real spa to their own bathroom.
Of A Kind
As much as a full facial or massage may seem like the perfect gift, it’s hard for new parents to snag some time away with a newborn. This spa set from Of A Kind is a bit pricey, but since it contains everything from cuticle oils and face serums, to masks and polishes, it’ll only cost you a fraction of what a full spa day might be!
A Keurig that does more than just brew regular coffee.
This isn’t your typical coffee pod machine. This upgraded Keurig can make everything from a latte, to an americano, to a plain drip coffee. It has four settings and can still brew your favorite K-cup blends. For the environmentally conscious new parents, we recommend adding on this universal reusable coffee filter, so they can continue drinking their favorite brew without the pod waste.
A stylish collapsible, to-go mug.
It’s a fact of life: New parents will likely increase their caffeine intake. This reusable coffee mug is ideal for on-the-go moms and dads. Put it in the microwave for a quick heat up, and toss it in the dishwasher after a long day for easy cleanup. Best of all, it’s leak proof. Because another spill is definitely not what new parents need.
A fitness tracker, because those extra steps carrying baby really do add up.
Busy moms and dads take a lot of steps. Running up the stairs to grab a bottle, down the stairs to change a diaper, out the door to unload and reload the car seat… All of these things add up. A Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker can help count these steps, as well as track sleep and heart rate.
These eye gels to lighten, brighten and de-stress.
While these under-eye masks are typically used for long flights, tired parents will also appreciate the energy boost of these cooling gels. They are organic and contain collagen, vitamin C and E to help reduce wrinkles and ease fatigue.
A pair of headphones, for a few moments of peace.
Parents hear enough screaming and crying at home, so it’s the last thing they want to hear when when they’re commuting, traveling or running errands. These Beat Studio3 soundproof headphones will do the trick when they just need a few minutes to zone out to their favorite band or podcast. These top-of-class headphones have up to 22 hours of battery life, so they’re up to any task.
A set of matching pajamas.
With these matching parents pajamas, the new parents in your life will both feel equally special. This is a picture-perfect present for the holidays when lounging all day is basically required. Bonus points if you snag a set for their furry family member, too.
A tracking device for their easy-to-lose essentials.
If you’re looking to give the gift of peace of mind, then this is the present. In the midst of running from one place to another and being overly tired, it’s easy for a new parent to misplace their house keys, wallet, phone — or all of the above. With Tile, finding something after it’s been lost isn’t the end of the world. Users praise its ease of use and how necessary it is for finding important items quickly.
A set of luggage that’ll make traveling with baby just a bit easier.
If the new parents are travelers or jetsetters, why not treat them to a gift that’ll make baby’s first flight even easier? This set of luggage from Away is designed with practicality in mind, including a hidden laundry bag to keep baby’s dirty clothes separate from everything else. Better still, it has an ejectable battery that’ll keep mom’s or dad’s phone charged on the go.
A new wardrobe, delivered straight to their door.
Stitch Fix
Going shopping with a newborn can be quite an ordeal. Still, new parents deserve to invest in quality clothes for themselves. With Stitch Fix, a new wardrobe is sent to your doorstep. After completing a short style profile online, the new parents will get a personalized box of clothing curated just for them. Let them hand select which items to keep and which to return with a gift card.
This matte picture frame set.
Parents take a lotof photos. Make sure these precious moments go somewhere besides their iPhone album or Instagram. This frame set includes everything to create a beautiful wall art gallery
A gift card to make cooking dinner a little easier.
Motley Fool
With a newborn, sometimes the weekly grocery shopping run and meal planning just doesn’t happen. With Blue Apron, the hassle of shopping, meal planning and food prep is done for you. Not to mention it’s a great way for couples to spend time cooking a nice meal together while the baby naps.
An organic coconut-scented bath soak.
Herbivore Botanicals
This natural bath soak is purely luxurious, and all new parents deserve an excuse for to treat themselves. Giving this gift says that you want them to put themselves first for a while (or at least for 15 minutes…).
This supremely soft “adult only” striped blanket.
Nordstrom Rack
A baby blanket is on almost every baby registry list. Why not give the new parents a blanket for themselves to cuddle up with? Users praise this blanket's softness and overall warmth.
A monthly subscription box to bring date night home.
The “Date Crate” from CrateJoy arrives at the beginning of each month and is packed with various themed items for a date night at home. Now, there’s no excuse for your favorite couple to skip out on together time.
An easy-to-handle dustbuster.
Let’s face it: Newborns can be messy, but nobody wants to pull out a huge vacuum cleaner for cracker crumb cleanup or cereal box explosion. This dustbuster from Black + Decker is easy to store and easy to use, plus it is cordless and washable.
This really luxurious bath towel.
When new parents find the time for a quick shower, it should be a rewarding experience. Treat them to a new set of bath towels. These 100 percent cotton towels are made in Japan and are both airy and soft.
A vacation-like scented candle.
When the baby is asleep, let the parents daydream of a tropical vacation with this Capri Blue scented candle. Not only does it smell like paradise, but it looks nice on any countertop or living room table. The lid ensures little hands won’t get into it either.
This body pillow that’s perfect for Netflix and chill nights.
Urban Outfitters
New parents may not get a lot of shuteye, but it shouldn’t stop them from upgrading their own bedroom decor. This geometric-patterned body pillow from Urban Outfitters is just what new parents need for an evening of Netflix binging or cuddling.