The Best Holiday Gifts For Newly Single People

Jade rollers, friendship rings and wine on delivery may help mend your friend's broken heart.
From left to right: The Clair bouquet from UrbanStems, "Wow, No Thank You" from Bookshop, soak bath salt from Maude, peppermint bark truffles from Milk Bar,Easy Wine Pink from Drizly.

There’s no good time of year to be heartbroken, but the holidays may be the certified worst time.

Processing a breakup, separation, divorce or “conscious uncoupling” can feel extra lonely when everyone around you is kissing under the mistletoe and buying their significant other sappy and thoughtful gifts. If a loved one is going through a breakup or is gearing up for their first single holiday season, sending them a little present reminds them just how loved they are.

Production manager Cory Lomberg recently supported a single friend through their first solo Hanukkah. Lomberg told HuffPost that helping a heartbroken pal through the holidays means giving them little treats — both edible and not. “Like nice coffee or tea, but also like a nice candle or something they can use in the bath,” Lomberg said.

Writer Lucas Olson advised erring on the side of subtle and soft. You may be tempted by an edgy “Single And Killing It” mug or provocative “Divorced And Looking” T-shirt, but your friend may not be ready to laugh it off. (Even if they’re putting on a strong face.) They also may want to not think about the breakup for a minute and would enjoy some self-care products or a staycation. “The best gift here is anything that doesn’t seem to be specifically targeted to recently single people,” Olson said.

If your loved one is feeling homesick in the wake of their breakup or if they’re wondering what they’re doing with their life, getting them a snack delivered from their favorite local restaurant or a calming journal may make them feel cared for. Additionally, sending a creative spin on gifts that stereotypically may come from a romantic partner, like matching friendship jewelry or a funky bouquet of dried flowers, can remind them that all love is love, and they are never alone.

From more practical items to special surprises, these presents are intended to make your loved one feel cared for and to help them embrace their next chapter as a party of one.

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A cozy set of sheets
Give their bedroom a sense of renewal by setting them up with a fresh set of cozy flannel sheets. These come in four colors and five sizes.

Get it from Target starting at $20.
A new toothbrush
When you're used to having your partner's brush next to yours, seeing a solo brush can bring a flood of emotions. Get your loved one a new, stand-alone brush that looks great on its own.

Get it from Amazon for $26.99.
A funny book from a local bookstore
If you can't be there in person to cheer up your friend, send them a book that will keep them in high spirits. Collections of essays and short stories are ideal for quick reads packed with laughs. Bookshop is an online retailer where you can shop online from your favorite local brick-and-mortar bookstores.

Check out the selection of humor books at Bookshop.
A nice set of bath salts
Ah, a bath — a luxurious solo activity for rest and relaxation. Rather than a perfume-y bath bomb filled with dyes and weird chemicals, get them a set of natural salts in a container they'll want to display.

Get it from Maude for $18.
A weekend getaway (or staycation)
A change of scenery can do wonders. Get your loved one an Airbnb gift card so they can take themselves away or have a nice staycation over the holidays.

Get it from Airbnb.
Food from their favorite far-away restaurant
You may not be able to take your friend out in their home city, but you can bring their long-distance favorites to them. Goldbelly is an online web retailer that delivers food across the country from local restaurants.

Check out the selection at Goldbelly.
A perfume sampler
Entering a new single chapter means it's time for a new signature scent. Hook up your loved one with a sample set to help them choose their new perfume.

Get it from Henry Rose for $45.
A face roller and gua sha set
You may not know everything in your friend's skin care routine. Instead of getting them a serum they'll never use, consider getting them a jade facial roller and gua sha set. This comes in five colors.

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.
A fancy candle
Sometimes the best gifts are things you'd love to enjoy but wouldn't splurge on for yourself. Get your loved one a nice candle that looks as good as it smells.

Get it from P.F. Candle Co. for $15.
A movie night basket
Perhaps a brighter side of breaking up is never having to fight over what movie to watch (or never agreeing to watch something you don't actually want to see). Give your friend a movie night basket full of all the snacks they could want and a RedBox gift card to pick out their own movie.

Get it from Amazon for $58.99.
A vibrant vase
For color and whimsy, send your loved one a vibrant, handmade vase. If their partner was always into neutral tones, this new chapter means extra color and patterns.

Get it from SunSprinklesShop Etsy starting at $35.
A luxurious robe
Get your friend a soft robe that can be worn over pajamas or straight out of the shower.

Get it from Parachute for $99.
A colorful tea set
For comfort and relaxation, gift your loved one a set of teas that they can make for themselves or share with friends.

Get it from Harney & Sons for $29.95.
A pullover featuring their hometown
There's no place like home. If you can't bring your friend to their hometown, bring a piece of their hometown to them. This comfy pullover is totally customizable with the name of someone's favorite city and state.

Get it from ShopWildBlooms on Etsy starting at $35.
Matching friendship rings
If they've gotten used to wearing a wedding ring (or any jewelry from their ex), they may feel naked without it. Get a set of matching friendship rings so they remember how loved they are.

Get it from RadiantJewelStudio on Etsy for $17.
A sage smudging bundle
To cleanse their space and do away with all bad vibes, snag your friend a sage bundle.

Get it from CharlieHaze on Etsy for $15.30.
A hot cocoa set
For someone with a sweet tooth who loves wintertime, a set of hot cocoa with all the fixings is a perfect sweet treat. (Send some Baileys for an extra kick!)

Get it from Target for $9.99.
A vibrant journal
If your friend is in a time of reflection and contemplation, gift them a brightly patterned notebook to inspire creativity and meditation.

Get it from Rifle Paper Co. for $24.
The wine they love that their ex never liked
A partnership is about compromise. But being single is about putting yourself first. Get your friend their favorite wine (or any adult beverage) that they haven't had in a while. Drizly is an online shop for alcohol delivery in 31 states and over 1,500 cities.

Check out the selection at Drizzly.
A new morning mug
If making and having coffee together was part of your friend's morning routine with their partner, they may be due for a refresh. Get them a new mug with a sappy message on it so they know you're thinking if them.

Get it from Target for $7.
A bouquet of dried flowers
For florals that last the test of time, send your loved one a dried bouquet to add some color into their life.

Check out the selection at UrbanStems.
Instagrammable baked goods
When in doubt, send chocolate. To make it a little fancier, send a box of truffles or other beautifully packaged baked goods.

Check out the selection at Milk Bar.

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