The Best Gifts For People Who Really Miss Going Out To Brunch

Our guide to eggcellent gifts to give the brunch lover in your life.

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Our guide to eggcellent gifts to give the brunch lover in your life.
Our guide to eggcellent gifts to give the brunch lover in your life.

One of the things that’s made this year even harder is not being able to see friends that are both near and far. As you probably know all too well, Zoom calls and FaceTime aren’t the same as talking IRL.

Now that the year is almost over (here’s hoping 2021 lets us hug each other), you might be searching for gifts to get all the friends you haven’t seen since, well, forever. If you’re in need of some shopping inspiration, we’ve already found presents for people who love to cook, older parents that they’ll actually use and the child who’s obsessed with Baby Yoda.

But for the friend who you’ve shared many mimosas with, you could be looking for something special that’ll remind them of all the weekends when you went to bottomless brunch together. You can always count on this brunch buddy to crack jokes over a plate of poached eggs or pour their hearts out over pancakes.

Those who are missing brunch right about now will appreciate any one of the gifts down below, which include a croissant stress ball that won’t be flakey on them, cookbook that looks at the sunnier side of things and pan to make perfectly poached eggs. These just might help those mourning their morning mimosas. Cheers to the next brunch in the (*fingers crossed*) near future.

Take a look:

A t-shirt with an exclusive entry to the Breakfast Club
It's ideal for anyone going through a lot of emotions right now. Find it for $35 at
A sponge that's just ripe for those who love their avocado toast
Always Fits
Avocado toast has become the much-mocked favorite food of millennials. But there's a reason why we love it so much — it tastes amazing. For the friend who always orders avocado toast for brunch, this sponge will have them saying "holy guacamole." Find it for $7 at Always Fits.
An agate coaster for drinks on the rocks
For when they crack open a cold one or shake up a frozen cocktail, this agate coaster will be the perfect touch on a coffee table. Find it for $10 at Anthropologie.
A croissant lamp to get lit
If they prefer to start off their day with something simple like a croissant and coffee combo, you can't go wrong with getting them this croissant lamp. It's made from a real croissant that's been preserved in resin. Find it for $88 at Catbird.
A cookbook that looks at the sunnier side of things
Urban Outfitters
Even the most experienced breakfast home cooks can learn a thing or two from this cookbook, which has recipes on everything from a dish called "Eggs in Purgatory" to one for hibiscus lime coolers. Find it for $25 at Urban Outfitters.
A cocktail shaker for drinks that are shaken, not stirred
When a mimosa just won't do, call in for this dial-a-drink cocktail shaker. It gives you all the ingredients you need to make eight different drinks including martinis and cosmopolitans. Cheers to that. Find it for $35 at Food52.
A coupe glass to toast with
Urban Outfitters
Surprise them with another addition to their glassware collection with a vintage-inspired coupe glass that looks like it came off the set of "Mad Men." It'll be just the thing their bar cart needs. Find it for $10 at Urban Outfitters.
A vintage-inspired art print that's serving
Julia Walck / Society6
A stack of pancakes coming right up. Find it for $22 at Society6.
A wine rack that they can't whine about
For when things are looking rosy, this wine rack will hold all their rosé. It can hold six bottles and is made from stainless steel and brass. They'll definitely want to show this off on their countertop. Find it for $68 at Anthropologie.
A croissant stress ball that won't be flakey on you
They can take out their troubles on this stress ball, which is supposed to keep its cute croissant shape even if someone squeezes it tightly. Find it for $9 at
A set of classic champagne flutes so the bubbly doesn't bubble over
After the year we've all had, the end of 2020 calls for some champagne. While your loved ones might not be near, you can still cheers from faraway. This set of champagne flutes are as classic as it gets — they'll fit right in with just about anyone's aesthetic. Find the set for $31 with code FRIEND at Macy's.
A waffle maker with a lot of heart
Urban Outfitters
Batter up — this mini waffle maker can whip up heart-shaped waffles that they'll love. The waffle maker is small enough to not take up too much space and comes with non-stick coating so cleaning up doesn't become a chore. Find it for $18 at Urban Outfitters.
A croissant ring that won't crumble
Take brunch on the go with this croissant ring. Find it for $75 at Mejuri.

A bottle stopper with a twist
Kate Spade
The (virtual) party has to end sometime. This bottle stopper can keep their leftover booze just as they left it. Plus, they can't keep a sour face on with this cute lemon design. Find it for $25 at Kate Spade.
A lavender toaster for toast that's just the right shade
Kate Spade
You might know someone who made a major move in recent months. And they still could need a few essentials for around the house. This cute two-slice toaster can help them make brunch at home, even it's just for themselves. Find it for $60 at Kate Spade.
A banner for all the brunch babes out there
Swankerie / Etsy
It hasn't been a banner of a year, but this garland is a reminder that brunch will be back soon. Find it for $11 on Etsy.
A pint glass with helpful hangover tips
When you're waking up hungover, brunch can be just the thing you need for that headache. This pint glass isn't just for drinking, it comes with recipes that can help ease the effects of a hangover. But make sure to sip some water in between glasses. Find it for $18 at ModCloth.
A set of sugar cubes with the scents of brunch
Lather up with these sugar cubes that smell like the things you would expect to see at brunch — coffee, rose and juice. Your friend can use these over rough patches to make sure their skin stays soft. Find the set for $26 at Anthropologie.
A candle that literally smells like a mimosa
Need we say more? Oh, and it's from fan favorite French brand diptyque, too. Find it for $36 at Nordstrom.
A pan to make perfectly poached eggs
If a friend is having an eggsistential crisis about how to make perfectly poached eggs, this pan will come to the rescue. Made of stainless steel, put eggs and water in this pan — letting the eggs steam away. The glass cover can help them see what's going on inside. Find it for $29 at Amazon.
An ornament that's pretty eggcellent
No yolk: This glitter-dusted ornament is the perfect stocking stuffer to send an egg lover. Find it for $14 at Nordstrom.
An ice bucket to keep their drinks chilled out
Keep them feeling chilled out with an ice bucket that can hold wine, champagne and soda. Find it for $38 at Wayfair.
A French press for those pressed about how they like their coffee
For fresh brews, this pastel French press will give them the caffeine fix that they might need first thing in the morning. Find it for $15 at Madewell.
A duo of branches to pile high their cocktails with garnishes
Uncommon Goods
To make sure those Bloody Marys are stacked with celery, olives and pickles, these branches are must-haves. Or use them for fruit on a homemade mimosa. Find the set for $18 at Uncommon Goods.
A mimosa or bellini in a cube
Uncommon Goods
Give the gift of instant mimosas with these sugar cubes that are filled with flavors like grapefruit, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, peach and, of course, orange. All they need is the champagne — just drop one of these cubes in and take a sip. Find the set for $30 at Uncommon Goods.
A mug for when happy hour is pushed up earlier
*checks clock* Yeah, let's just say it's okay to start shaking up that cocktail. Find it for $14 at
A kitchen gadget to help dice breakfast potatoes fast
An unspoken rule of brunch is that you have to have potatoes of some kind on the table. But chopping potatoes into a fine dice isn't easy. This little machine can help, with different blades to get just the right chop. Find it for $24 at Amazon.
A seasoning blend to put on everything
Uncommon Goods
Even the most seasoned brunch fanatics could use this trio of everything bagel seasoning. The blends are all different — there's the "Classic," another named the "Dill" and one called "Spicy." They can sprinkle these blends on everything from popcorn to dips. Find the set for $20 at Uncommon Goods.

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