12 Brilliant Gifts For People Who Love To Cook

If they love to spend all their time in the kitchen, these practical gifts will help get cooking.

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Any one of these cute and clever kitchen accessories will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.
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Any one of these cute and clever kitchen accessories will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

In this unusual and unprecedented year, there have been tons of us turning to our kitchens to beat quarantine boredom — making sourdough from scratch, baking banana bread and cooking up easy meal kits for dinner.

You probably know someone who has been spending lots of their time in the kitchen — adding different flavors to tried-and-true recipes or trying out new ingredients that they found at a farmers’ market.

Now that the holidays are here, you might be looking to get the cook in your life a gift that that’ll be useful in the kitchen. You can check out our guide to gifts to get someone who got into baking this year if they’re much more of a cake maker.

While pots and pans are obvious choices, you could be searching for a present that’s more unexpected (and that they probably don’t own already). That’s why we went ahead and scoured the internet for kitchen gadgets and accessories that’ll be helpful for a home cook.

From an automatic pan stirrer and compost bin to stay sustainable in 2021, these gifts will be perfect for the person who’s always planning their next meal.

Take a look:

A serving platter that'll lend a helping hand
This serving platter will display their best creations. Or they can use it to place fresh fruits and charcuterie. The butterflies and flowers that decorate the hands are hand-painted. Find it for $48 at Anthropologie.
A tray of soup cubes for the busy meal prepper
If you know someone who loves to prep their meals for the week, these silicone trays are designed to store soups, sauces and stocks in the freezer. They just have to pop one out to thaw in the pan. The lids are supposed to help keep odors and freezer burn at bay. Find them starting for $35 at Food52.
A compost bin to stay sustainable in 2021
Urban Outfitters
A foolproof way to be least wasteful, compost bins can collect food scraps that are leftover once all the cutting and chopping is done before a meal. For the person who wants to be a bit more sustainable in the new year, this will help them along. Find it for $40 at Urban Outfitters.
A clever colander set to recycle water
You know how a regular colander just dumps out all the water you've been using to boil? Well, this clever colander set comes with a bowl to save the water you were using — it's especially perfect for pasta and rinsing veggies. Find the set for $39 at Nordstrom.
The stand mixer of their dreams
Chances are that the cook in your life has eyed a KitchenAid stand mixer or two. To make their culinary dreams come true, you might get them one before the year is over. This one has a tilt-head, meaning that you can move it easily to get to the bowl, and 10 different speeds to choose from. Find it for $219 at Walmart.
An automatic pan stirrer to save your arm a workout
Uncommon Goods
There are some recipes that require lots of stirring — and there are times when you're just not up for that. Just place this stirrer in a pan and set a timer for when it should start stirring for you. Find it for $25 at Uncommon Goods.
A set of microwavable nesting storage bowls to save space
These color-coordinated pack of storage bowls each come with a lid that matches — so someone won't have trouble finding the right one that fits. These bowls pretty much do it all — use them to eat dinner, store food in the fridge and heat a meal in the microwave. The bowls stack together to take up less room in a small kitchen. Find them starting for $62 at Food52.
A coffee maker to start their day (and breakfast) off right
If they love a breakfast with all the works — eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast — then they'll probably need a cup of coffee to wash it all down. While they're cooking, this Keurig coffee maker can brew a cup for breakfast and carafe for later in the day. It's energy efficient as well, with a feature that turns off the heating plate two hours after the last brew. Find it for $79 at Walmart.
A set of Cuisinart knives to chop away with
They could always use more kitchen knives and this set from Cuisinart includes six knives that have a ceramic non-stick coating that'll make cutting through food easy peasy. You'll find every kind of knife a home cook could need in this set, from a chef knife to a paring knife. Find the set for $35 at Macy's.
A set of sponges to make the dishes feel less of a chore
Always Fits
After all that cooking, cleaning up is never as delicious. But they'll appreciate this cute stocking stuffer — a set of three sponges in the shape of shrimp, tuna and tamago. These natural sponges have multiple layers that are perfect for washing up, making them a practical present, too. Find the set for $9 at Always Fits.
A useful little gadget that can crush garlic, grate cheese and more
Uncommon Goods
The ultimate multi-tool, this gadget is10 tools in one — it can zest lemons, open bottles, peel potatoes and more. It's made from a rust-resistant stainless steel and can be packed up into a pocket or purse for picnics, too. Find it for $32 at Uncommon Goods.
A blender to mix things up in the kitchen
Somethings you need to switch things up in the kitchen — whether that's trying out a new recipe or adding an extra ingredient to your favorite dish. For cooks, this Ninja blender will really mix things up. This blender can doing anything from blending to pureeing. Find it for $69 at Walmart.

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