Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For The Older Skiers In Your Life

Socks and gloves are the timeworn holiday gifts for older skiers. For something different, try these suggestions. Every senior skier will enjoy them and they won't break anyone's budget.

DeBooter is a boot jack that eases removing ski boots. Many skiers, young and old, find boot removal uncomfortable to the point of painful. Ingeniously simple in its design, DeBooter will be welcome by any skier. $49.50.

EZFit QF Snow are insoles specifically designed for ski and snowboard boots. A stocking stuffer for anyone who has not invested in expensive custom foot beds, they adjust to the arch and heel and provide support, balance and cushioning. For older skiers, the net effect is less foot and leg muscle fatigue and warmer feet. $39.95 in most ski shops.

GetSkiTickets.com, the online seller of lift tickets, offers gift cards for lift tickets, lessons, season passes and ski rentals. tickets at 300+ areas in the US and Canada.

Here are two children's books every skiing grandparent with young grandkids needs to own or give. Bunny Slopes, by Claudia Rueda (Chronicle Books) was recently published. It's the story of a bunny who likes to ski. The art is deliciously simple, and the book is interactive, in a clever, analog, way. $15.99 in bookstores. Squirrels on Skis, by J. Hamilton Ray (Beginner Books) has been in stores since 2013. Skiing squirrels descend upon a snow-bound town, alarming the citizens. A little girl comes up with a solution in the form of a squirrel ski resort. A terrific and funny read. $8.99 in bookstores.

Skiing History Magazine is a bi-monthly filled with articles about everything from the history of ski resorts, early racing, to the role of the sport in advertising. It is well written and filled with terrific illustrations. Subscriptions are a benefit of membership in the International Skiing History Association. A year-long gift that brings pleasure and memories with every issue. $49.

The New England Ski Museum has a variety of ski gifts ranging from reproductions of classic ski posters to ski-themed jewelry, toys, and home accessories.

Freedom Found, My Life Story is Warren Miller's newly published autobiography. In it he tells the story of the beginnings of the ski film industry is lifelong pursuit of being a ski bum. He may be in his ninties, but his story-telling is an amusing and compelling as it was when he would travel the country every Fall showing his latest film and getting people warmed up for the coming season. $29.95 at bookstores.

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