11 Useful Gifts For Someone Who Likes To Cook

Bonus: You might get a nice meal out of it!
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If you’re shopping for someone who likes to cook but you’re the kind of person who can’t cook to save their life, it can be difficult to know where to start. The good news? When it comes to buying gifts for someone who spends a decent chunk of time in the kitchen every week, the options are pretty much endless.

From scales that will help them perfect their flour ratios just in time for the next season of “Great British Bake Off” and measuring cups that will brighten their mood, to experiential cooking-related gifts couples can use together, here’s a guide to getting your favorite home cook exactly what she or he wants. And as a nice bonus, you might just get a delicious meal out of the whole thing!

Here, 11 gifts for someone who likes to cook:

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A pressure cooker.
If you’re not someone who cooks, you may not have heard of a pressure cooker, but if you’re shopping for someone who cooks often, they’ve definitely heard of it. To sum up what a pressure cooker is, think of it as a slow cooker, but in reverse: The same delicious food, cooked in record time. Check out the most popular pressure cooker, the Instant Pot.
A set of cute measuring cups.
A lot of cookware can be a little boring to look at when stored in open kitchen cabinets, so help spice up the cook in your life’s collection with a set of colorful measuring cups. Get Lilia Measuring Cups.
A digital kitchen scale.
When ingredients are required in ounces and grams, a kitchen scale is a must. As a nice bonus, this one comes with a dough scraper. Get a digital kitchen scale.
A Google Home Hub.
If you like to cook, you’re familiar with feeling like you don’t have enough hands — or at least enough clean hands — to pull up a recipe on your phone or skim through your cookbook. If you have a digital buddy who can do those things for you, that helps. A Google Home Hub can do everything from looking up a recipe to playing your favorite music at the sound of your voice. Get a Google Home Hub.
A classy cookbook stand.
Anyone who cooks knows one thing to be true: Losing your place in your cookbook is rough. It requires you to stop what you’re doing, wash your hands and find your place again. An easy, inexpensive fix for this particular problem? A cookbook stand. Buy a Reoddoeer BamBoo reading rest.
A knife sharpener.
Ok, so maybe this isn’t the most exciting gift, but it sure is useful for at-home cooks: Not only are dull knives frustrating to cook with, but they can be dangerous! Do your loved one a favor and stuff their stocking with something that will make their cooking experience so much more pleasant. Buy a knife sharpener.
An immersion blender.
Like a pressure cooker, an immersion blender is a life-changing gift for home cooks everywhere. Want an example? Instead of transferring a chunky soup to a high speed blender and making a mess, the cook in your life can simply immerse it in the pot and have a smooth soup in a matter of moments. Get an electric hand immersion blender.
A cute butter dish.
Room temperature butter is something all cooks and bakers need to have on hand, because if you need to wait for our butter to soften, it throws your whole process off. Save the person you’re shopping for time and frustration with an adorable butter dish. Buy the Viola Butter Dish.
A cooking class.
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Experiential gifts are all the rage these days, and the cook in your life will love the chance to learn how to cook a few new dishes with you. Find a great cooking class on Cozymeal.
A great cookbook.
It’s no secret that everyone loves Chrissy Teigen. Her latest cookbook, “Cravings: Hungry For More” is the stocking-stuffer of the season, and for a good reason: The recipes in it are life-changing. Anyone who loves to cook will appreciate this one. Order “Cravings: Hungry For More”.
A beautiful serving bowl.
All great cooks need something elegant to serve their creations in, so gift the cook in your life a serving bowl that will wow at every dinner party. Check out the Organic Serving Bowl.
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