Gifts for the Traveling Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur, you never know where you might be in a month. If an opportunity pops up, you chase it, whether it be for funding from a VC, an in-house incubator, or situating yourself in the middle of the industrial hub you’re working towards. Either way, more likely than not you’ll spend a lot of time driving in the car to meetings, presentations and trade shows, flying in planes to attend conferences, even just walking outside of the house to clear your head and let your mind do what it does best—think. Having spent a lot of my days and nights traveling, here are my top picks for the traveling entrepreneur.

Huzi Design Infinity Pillow—The travel neck pillow was in need of an update, and Huzi Design does this best with their Infinity Pillow. Looking like the comfiest, softest, and squishiest pillow scarf, this travel pillow will ready you for a snooze fest on any red-eye flight, all while packable into your carry-on or briefcase.





Vocier—As a seasoned traveling entrepreneur, it’s worth it to get a quality suitcase and carry-on that will last and keep your life simple and easy while traveling through the airport. Voicer does just that in durability while retaining all of its luxurious class. Voicer is the brand to look to for any business trip or even leisure travel to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Vocier’s briefcase keeps all of your necessities safe and in style with its smooth and soft leather exterior. We checked out the C38 that hosts Vocier’s patented Zero-Crease system carrying up to two suits without any worry of wrinkles—and that claim held true! Voicer is a must-have for every traveler.

Pure2Go—Pure2Go’s water purification system is a great way to make sure your drinking water is safe, without needing to buy water bottle after water bottle. For those with sensitive stomachs or germaphobic thoughts, Pure2Go will keep your body safe and your mind at ease.

Carpack—For the long road trips, Carpack has got your pack. Giving you the organized space you need, this device saves headaches during car rides by preventing loose items from flying across the car at the press of the brake pedal. And, once you’re finished driving, simply zip up the pack and take it with you. Perfect for spending a night at a hotel or at a friend’s.

Rand McNally OverDryve—The OverDryve is the perfect car companion by providing advanced luxury features to any car, regardless of make or model. By attaching to the dash, it gives you turn-by-turn driving directions, music, hands-free calling, and a built-in dash cam. By adding an OverDryve into your car, you save time fumbling for your phone and could even save lives by keeping your attention on the road. Furthermore, get add-ons to your OVerDryve such as a back-up cam or tire pressure system. OverDryve simply makes driving a modern application, no matter how old your car may be.

Trac-Grabber Get yourself out of any sticky situation with Trac-Grabber, the perfect solution for stuck tires. When on escapades through the desert plains or the mountain snow, Trac-Grabber saves you the sweat and the tow truck call by preventing slipping and serving as an emergency rescue device.

<p>X5 Car Charger</p>

X5 Car Charger

RapidX Keep your devices juiced up and ready to go with RapidX’s never-ending list of accessories, from the X5 Car Charger containing 5 USB Ports and a 2-2.4A output. Or, check out the X1 Car Charger with Lightning Connector for iPhone and iPad users. With a sleek exterior and a powerful charge, these electronics are the perfect add to your vehicle.

Saent—Say hello to Saent, the button to put up a wall blocking all distractions. Get your work done in a timely matter without finding yourself in an article-reading mode or an endless scroll of Chrome tabs. Saent lets the traveling entrepreneur put up a bubble towards the world around him or her to get quality work done, no matter where you are.

Cubecoid—Cubecoid transforms the typical dollar store suction cup toothbrush holder into a modern addition for any toiletry bag. Used to hold toothbrushes or razors, Cubecoid comes in three colors: jet black, lux gold, and silver to save space and stay fancy.

Uniterra Nomad Espresso Machine—The Nomad prepares hot, well-needed espresso for any place at any time, so long as you have coffee and hot water. The ease of Nomad machine allows any person to make espresso for that quick burst of energy needed. With its patented True Cream Value system, the Nomad makes espresso perfection with just a few pumps to pull a delicious shot every time. Put in your suitcase for your next trip to save money and time.

PetCube Play—PetCube plays brings video calling into the pet-wonder world with Play, an interactive pet camera that not only lets you keep an eye on your furry-one, but also lets you talk to and play with your pet, from any spot in the world. Using 1080p HD video and wide angle view, watch your pet have a blast with you as you use the built-in laser toy. Once you have PetCube Play, you’ll never want to give it up.

TinTag—TinTag is the first rechargeable item tracker that saves you the time when you’re scrambling to find you wallet or keys. When you’re always on-the-go, TinTag saves you the stress of looking through all of your bags or counters for that one thing you just can’t find. The best part is that only 6 hours of charging gives you enough battery for the next 4 months.

Lynktec—Lynktec is company with a line of tech accessories that are perfect for traveling. From the ReelJuice a power bank that packs a punch with a 10W rapid wall charger, to the APEX Fusion, a fine point stylus to make handwriting on your tablet a breeze, Lynktec has got it all and more. Even better, all of these items are portable with the ReelJuice itself not needing any extra cords to charge.

GoBag—The perfect carry-on bag fits all of your necessities plus all of the stuff you want to bring but usually can’t fit, all in a convenient bag constructed out of durable materials. GoBag is a match made in heaven for travelers made out of Hypalon and TPU-coated ballistic nylon—otherwise known as materials used for white water rafts! Keep your precious belongings safe and sound with GoBag!

Bidet Attachment—When you feel like you’re living in hotels more than in your home you may be lucky enough to have the luxurious spa-like comfort of the bidet. Bring that comfort home with you with the Aim to Wash Bidet Attachment for your home bathroom enjoyment. Use the Aim to Wash to live like royalty.

Nonda Zus Universal Car Charger—Have you ever walked out of a store and can’t for the life of you remember which row of cars you parked in? With Zus, you’ll never lose your car again. Nonda’s Zus is an award-winning German Design and winner of the Red Dot Design Awards. Meeting military standards for quality, Zus is durable, being able to withstand hot weather, and also functions as a phone charger meaning no matter where you are, Zus will guide your way.

Mixfader—Mixfader is the perfect device to go to when you’re a DJ in training. Connect Mixfader to your smartphone and commence the DJ-ing learning experience. Whether you’re on a plane or with some friends, Mixfader will help you perfect your mixing and scratching techniques without the need for large and heavy equipment. Mixfader shows that it’s never too hard to pick up a hobby.

Jamstik+—As you work on your DJ-ing skills, why not start jamming out with Jamstik, one of the coolest gadgets out there now that allows you to learn how to play guitar starting with the basics. With jamstik, it’s never too late to start learning how to info some music in your life. Strum on the go with this cool device.

Koala Mount—The Koala Mount is the perfect tablet wall mount that securing fastens your tablet to whoever you need, without leaving the sticky mess or torn drywall. Use it in the kitchen for recipes, near the bedside for movies, by the desk to work. Then, simply undock your iPad to transport from room to room. Koala Mount is the cheapest and easiest way to keep your hands free while using your electronics.

Aquanotes Waterproof Notepad—For every time you’re scheming in the shower or brainstorming while doing laps in the pool, Aquanotes is there for you to record and collect your thoughts. Now, your lightbulb moments don’t require you to run out of the shower before you lose your train of thought. An incredibly simple but useful tool, Aquanotes is a necessity for anyone needing an excuse to spend an extra 15 minutes in the shower, because hey, you’re being productive.

Credistand—Credistand: the stand for your phone that you can discretely tuck in your wallet or purse and pull it out at a moment’s notice. Credistand lets you watch your shows and movies without straining your hand keeping your phone upright or constantly finding the perfect balance between viewing angle and slant angle to prevent your phone from sliding off.

Shelfpack—Shelfpack is the new way to travel with its unique design to include four portable shelves inside the suitcase. Simply open your luggage, pull the handles up, and hang the shelving to access any of your clothes, no matter how tightly packed. Shelfpack removes the stress of having to unpack your suitcase just to reach that one belt you tucked in your shoes at the bottom of the suitcase. Save hours packing and unpacking with Shelfpack!

Muzik One—The perfect set of bluetooth headphones for any occasion. With a 50ft Bluetooth range and tested and true high definition audio, you’ll never want to take these bad boys off. Muzik also comes with four hot keys that you can program to control your apps without reaching into your pocket. The perfect pair of headphones for you to travel off into your own world.

Sol Science Antidot—The Antidote is the ultimate cure for any sneaker funk. Make any used pair of sneakers smell and feel like new with Sol Science’s fine mist spray that is both travel friendly, and a necessity for anyone with a love for sneakers. Don’t hold back when you see those Jordans at the thrift store—splurge and don’t be regret you did by using Antidot.

Purggo Car Air Freshener—Don’t just mask the odor, eliminate it with Purggo, the best natural car air eco-purifying device. Made with 100% bamboo charcoal, Purggo works continuously without the need for replacement for an entire year, all to absorb and remove any nasty smells and toxins. Don’t stress about having to refill those cartridge car fresheners over and over, or worrying about any artificial junk that may be in them. Purggo is long lasting, natural, and a for sure way to make any car drive, even those with B.O., bearable.

Wolecraft Byron Pro with Everyday Insert—For every trip, Byron Pro is the choice for a carryall, with beautiful Italian leather and a functional modular spine that makes the contents customizable. Fit everything you need for a workspace on the go including your laptop or tablet, sunglasses, phone—anything you could imagine all in one sleek case. Once you start traveling with Wolecraft, you’ll feel organization urges all over your life. Check out their IndieGoGo and pre-order yours today!

Qooca—Qooca is the world’s first tumbler-styled blender for on-the-go. With a powerful motor yet near soundless blend, Qooca is one of the most innovative devices of our time to create healthy habits for people always having some place to be. No other product offers the same design as Qooca where you can go to a Farmer’s Market and right then and there, make a smoothie from the fresh fruits and veggies you had just purchased. Qooca is simply that amazing.

Scrubba—Scrubba is the portable washing machine for all occasions. Save money while traveling by packing light and using Scrubba, or avoiding those pricey hotel laundry services by scrubbing your clothes easily with Scrubba. By using its unique bag, users can quickly rinse and soap up their clothes in the wash bag and hang to dry. Stop using your hands and fingernails to wash your clothes in the sink, and start using Scrubba.

Unbound 1 Pack—In combination with Scrubba, check out Merino, the clothing company to look to when you’re trying to travel light. By packing their travel essentials, you can minimize the amount of clothes you pack away. With their Merino wool, your clothing will remain smell-free and wrinkle-free for weeks, all with its breathable fabric. Get a 1 pack complete with a shirt, boxer and sock set.

Zubits—Keep your laces tied with Zubits magnetic shoe closure to make taking your shoes on and off just about the easiest thing you’ll do all day. Even the toughest shoes to tie can be secured with Zubits. With their array of colors and sizes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your favorite pair of kicks.

Gosh!—With an array of modern phone accessories, you’ll be sure to find the one that matches your phone. JouleSurge Powerbank and JouleCellAA, the world’s first rechargeable batteries by microUSB, are just some of the amazing items available to keep your devices charged up and ready to go in a flash.

Barracuda—Introducing Barracuda, one of the first collapsable smart luggage. With a built-in laptop tray, cup-holders, USB port and location tracker, layovers in any airport is made bearable.Don’t squeeze onto the limited counterspace available at most airports, get a Barracuda and make your own workspace. It’s an innovation that will transform and disrupt the luggage industry.

BlueSmart One—Looking for a hard shell luggage instead? Look to BlueSmart One for the greatest smart hardcase luggage piece out there. With built-in battery charging, location tracking, scale and remote lock, BlueSmart makes it easy to fly through the airport security. BlueSmart will make you feel like you have the coolest gadgets in the whole airport.

Duoket—Duoket is the stylish bag that transforms itself into a jacket and is a necessary addition for anyone traveling from cold to hot or vice versa. The duoket is the innovation needed for any packable bag as it maximizes portability by providing two functions. The coolest part? The pockets remain the same between the jacket and bag meaning if you put an item in your bag pocket, it will end up in that same pocket for your jacket. This two in one package deal will for sure be a packable necessity for any travels.

TravelTeq Double Briefcase—TravelTeq brings you the everyday bag with their Double Briefcase, a gorgeous piece with pockets to hold all of your daily necessities. With vegetable tanned Florence Leather, each bag is hand made in Italy and will surely impress everyone in any business meeting you have. Their definition of functional luxury rings true with their streamlined distribution system moving straight from the craftsman to the consumer, you.

Microkickboard Microluggage—Why walk or even run through airport terminals when you can ride? Introducing Microluggage, a revolutionary device that allows you to ride your luggage around the airport using its unique scooter design. Once you arrive at your terminal, simply fold up the kick board and stow in the overhead compartment. With this product, you’ll feel like the winner of every airport.

Cocoon Innovation SLIM Backpack—Cocoon Innovation offers one of the slickest backpacks on the market with its built-in Grid-It’s system holding all of your loose wires and office supplies, all while carrying up to a 15.6” laptop. For organization wizards out there, this is the product for you. Cocoon Innovation streamlines the process of finding anything you need in your backpack, done in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

BACTrack—Traveling is a time when the work hard, play hard mentality goes a long way. BACtrack is the easiest way to detect your blood alcohol levels and is on par with any official police BAC monitor, all fitting in your pant pocket. Stay safe with the BACtrack app that will estimate when your BAC will go back down, or suggest you call an Uber if it is unsafe to drive. BACtrack enables you to make smarter decisions, no matter how much fun you had.

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