11 Gifts For The Whole Family To Enjoy Together

The best inexpensive gift for the whole family is the gift of family time.

Families are complex. People have different tastes, personalities and hobbies. Some families are big; others are small. Some people enjoy the holidays, but others might be going through a tough time.

While this certainly makes sitting down at the dinner table more interesting, it can make giving a fun family gift a little challenging. What do you do if you can’t afford to buy everyone their own gift? Will the whole family enjoy a group gift? Is it a gift busy parents will enjoy as much as the kids?

Take the stress out of the holidays by giving the gift of family time. If you dig hard enough, you can find one gift for the whole family to enjoy. To that end, we’ve pulled together a list of the best for the whole family to use together.

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Matching family pajamas.
Cozy up this holiday season in matching holiday pajamas. Choose a classic design or something more unique — there are plenty to choose from. Don’t forget to snag a set for their furry friend, too!
A family T-shirt quilt.
Project Repat
Gather up all your family’s favorite (but old and worn out) T-shirts to create your new favorite family quilt. Mom will love it for its sentimentality, while dad will love that his favorite college sweatshirt is getting a second life.
An old-fashioned popcorn maker.
This Whirley Pop kit comes with a classic stovetop popper, gourmet popcorn and buttery seasoning, the perfect partner for family movie night or curled up next to the fire.
Custom family face magnets.
Etsy / KitAtlas
Spice up the fridge and find out what your family would look like as cartoons with these fun, custom magnets. Families will love them as mementos for the years to come.
A bucket list for a rainy day.
Have each member of the family contribute a few ideas to this bucket list collection. Pull out the bucket on rainy days to keep boredom away.
A long distance lamp to send love from afar.
Uncommon Goods
Show long-distance loved ones that you care with this Wi-Fi enabled touch lamp. Just give yours a tap to make your family member’s corresponding lamp glow.
An ice cream mixing set, for families with a sweet tooth.
The whole family will savor experimenting and making tasty treats with this parlor ice cream mixing set. Use the utensils to mix marshmallows, candies, cookies and other snacks into your favorite flavor.
A portable mini projector, for an upgraded movie night.
Movie night will never be the same with this portable mini projector. Pack it up, pull it out and queue your favorite movies for a family drive-in theater experience in your own driveway or backyard. It’s available in white or black and is small enough to fit in your hand.
Kidbox, a kid’s clothing subscription.
With Kidbox, busy parents save time and kids receive a monthly surprise. Need more convincing? With each purchase, Kidbox gives a little something to children in need.
These “Bad Dog” tumblers, for the family with a puppy in training.
Uncommon Goods
These pint glasses feature a silly, stubborn dog in scenarios all-too-familiar to anyone who has ever gone through puppy training. It’s a simple but sweet gift for families with a furry friend.
A ginormous unicorn sprinkler, for the family who loves the sun.
Take summer fun up a notch with the Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler. This magical creature stands tall at over 6-feet tall and is the perfect conversation starter for birthday parties and barbecues.