11 Gifts Every 'Type A' Person In Your Life Will Totally Love

Type A individuals are known for being particular -- for lack of a better word -- when it comes to how they live their lives and the items that they keep.

While the personality trait is hardly a flaw, it certainly can be a challenge when it comes to gift giving. Type As are notorious for preferring order and control. Chances are, anything they need they've already bought (and alphabetized) for themselves. So how do you surprise someone who avoids surprises?

Fear not: We've rounded up some of the best gifts you can give the Type A person in your life. Whether it's your best friend, your co-worker or one of your parents, here are 11 items they're sure to love.

1. A giant stack of notepads.

In an ideal world, these notepads would have a magic infinite-scroll feature -- because let's be honest, a Type A's to-do list is never done.

2. A super comfortable massage chair.

Type As are not the best at relaxing and get stressed out easily (which is terrible for their health), so this bad boy is more than necessary.

3. A trip to the spa.

For when the massage chair just doesn't cut it.

4. An alarm clock.

Behind every prompt person is a reliable clock.

5. A perfectly coordinated office supply kit.

Just imagine all the organizational possibilities!

6. A pedometer.

Type As are notorious for always being in a rush -- mentally and physically. May as well keep track of how much ground is covered in a day.

7. A label maker.

Perfect for managing every last item on the desk or at home. A well-labeled space is a happy space.

8. A selection of board games.

Nothing says "I love you" to a Type A person like committing to a competitive game of Yahtzee.

9. A really big journal.

Type A people set a goal and stick to it -- and what better way to stay accountable than writing it down? Enter the dream journal (bonus points if it has a lot of pages). See also: Supplies for a dream board.

10. Canisters or some sort of organizational storage box.

One does not simply have "too many containers."

11. A gift card.

Trust us, they'll actually love it. One of the best gifts you could give to someone who prefers to remain in control is, well, control. When you know what you want, you know what you want.

In reality, Type As aren't too hard to please when it comes to presents. Want the ultimate pro tip? Your patience with the sometimes difficult personality is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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