18 Spot-On Gifts For Your ‘Type-A’ Friend

Perfectly practical gift ideas for ‘Type-A’ personalities.
Hoxton/Tom Merton via Getty Images

We all have that “Type-A” person in our life who takes staying on top of things to another level. They’re the friend who responds to texts the moment they arrive, who plans “spontaneous” weekend trips months in advance and who jumps out of bed without hitting snooze.

They are the Leslie Knopes and Olivia Popes of the world, and that’s why we adore them. That is, until their Miranda Priestly side starts to show. Even so, these friends are so on top of their game that they already have everything they probably want or need which makes giving them the perfect gift a real challenge.

Fortunately for you, there are a few practical and spot-on “Type-A” personality gifts that are sure to please your pal, no matter how stressed out or high strung they might be.

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Below, we’ve rounded up 18 of our favorite gifts for “Type-A” personalities. Take a look:

A lunch box so classy, everyone at work will envy it
Uncommon Goods
Nothing is worse than a sad desk lunch, expect maybe a sad desk lunch that’s squashed in a brown paper bag. This sleek and modern lunch box is made from stainless steel and has a bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board and plate. It’s perfect for any health-minded friend who wants to make their own perfectly crafted mid-day meal and eat it that way too.
A journal to start any day of the year
Is your friend constantly making lists on notepads, scraps of paper, or — heaven forbid — their hand? This beautifully designed journal from Dailygreatness will fix that. It’s meant for those who want to achieve personal goals in a focused and organized way. With a declaration like that, who wouldn’t love it?
A suitcase that will pack itself, and charge their phone too
With one compartment for clothes and another for shoes and toiletries, the Away Bigger Carry-On is a practical packer’s dream. The ejectable battery also ensures that they won’t be searching for a precious electrical outlet at the airport terminal. That’s something we can all relate to.
A diffuser to bring an instant sense of calmness
There are so many aromatherapy and essential oil diffusers available, but Amazon reviewers rave about this one because it’s quiet and aesthetically pleasing. Pair with your giftee’s favorite essential oil for a truly relaxing present.
This mug that will keep their cup of joe perfectly warm for hours
Workaholics certainly need their caffeinated beverage of choice to keep them going. The Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug can be preset to the individual’s preferred drinking temperature to keep their drink warm for hours. Your friend can hop from one meeting to another without worrying that their coffee will get cold.
Curated wine delivered to their door
If your ‘Type-A’ friend is also your boozy friend, they will love Winc for its thorough selection and seamless deliveries. It’s a wine delivery subscription service that sends four specially selected bottles every month to your doorstep with free shipping. Cheers to that!
A pack of really, really incredible socks
A pair of socks may sound like a ho-hum gift, but Bombas aren’t your average pair of socks. More than two years of research and development went into crafting these foot warmers. Best of all, the company donates a pair to homeless shelters for every purchased pair.
A meditation app for when they are just too busy to sit still
Hoxton/Tom Merton via Getty Images
The problem with meditation is that it can seem too complicated or too unforgiving. With the Headspace app, users select from hundreds of themed sessions meant for them and their lifestyle. Sessions are only a few minutes, so there’s no excuse for your always-on friend not to dive in.
A pen that’s guaranteed to last and last and last
A cute design and a well-made product that works. What more could your list-writing friend need? The Seven Year Pen is slim but contains a jumbo ink cartridge to ensure it will last for seven years. Longevity and practicality is something that all “Type-A’s” can appreciate.
These posh eyeglasses to help eliminate digital eye strain
Ambr Eyewear
Chances are your “Type-A” friend spends a lot of time staring at a screen. Ambr Eyewear offers prescription and non-prescription glasses “for the digital generation.” They specialize in eyewear that filters out blue light and reduces eye fatigue. Give your friend a gift card so they can choose their favorite pair of frames.
A decorative wreath with a relaxing scent
We all know that lavender can help with stress, but how many tiny bottles of essential oil can one person own, right? Enter this handmade lavender and oat wreath. Not only will it liven up an entryway or bare wall, but it’s calming scent will bring an instant sense of relaxation. Best of all, it will last an entire year, with proper care.
This set of bath products, to making washing hands a luxury
It’s true: “Type-A’s” like things that look good and smell good. This set of hand soap and lotion from the Chip & Joanna Gaines Magnolia collection from Target delivers on both ends.
A cozy throw perfect for a Netflix binge
When you’ve had a long day, nothing beats wrapping yourself up in a cozy, oversized blanket. This tassel throw feels like your favorite worn-in sweater, but looks much nicer. It’ll add a spark of color and a feeling of coziness to any living room or bedroom.
This minimalist mini desk calendar
This stylish desk accessory will bring some cheer to your overly organized friend’s workspace or office. They will be grateful that it doesn’t clutter their desk, and you’ll be grateful it’s a gift they’ll actually use.
An organic, multipurpose moisture stick
Anyone with a “Type-A” personality will tell you a product that has multiple functions is top class. This matcha stick from Cocokind delivers on all fronts. It provides instant moisture to dry hands, lips, cheeks as well as a bright lift to dark under-eye circles. Users swear the matcha helps bring out their best glow.
A monthly subscription box, for a gift that keeps on giving
The best thing about a subscription box is the element of surprise. The My Reward Box from CrateJoy contains five to six full-sized items that will treat your giftee to a bit of luxury. You may just be tempted to get a subscription, too!
A practical eye mask to help shut the world out
Help your friend get better shut-eye with this HappyLuxe eye mask. Users are obsessed with how comfortable it is, as well as its multi-functional purpose. Whether your friend is traveling, working, or needs to improve their bedtime routine, this eye mask will quickly become a go-to item for some serious Zs.
A convenient way to sanitize their favorite devices
“Type-A” folks aren’t germ obsessives, but they probably like things pretty clean, including their devices. This iRoller Screen Cleaner removes smudges and bacteria with one swipe. It’s reusable and liquid-free so it’s a better option for phones, computer and tablets than traditional sprays and wipes.