20 Gifts From Small Online Shops That You Probably Won't Find Anywhere Else

If you're looking to shop small before the holidays, here are some of the best gifts we've seen from small businesses and direct-to-consumer brands.

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This holiday season, you could consider shopping small for your gifts.
This holiday season, you could consider shopping small for your gifts.

In this strange year, Amazon’s annual Prime Day was pushed back, Nordstrom is now offering contactless curbside pickup on online orders and Target’s daily deals will be live well into December.

And while you might have turned to those big-box retailers a lot during the last few months, you can’t forget about all the small businesses and direct-to-consumer brands out there that are trying to continue on in these tough times.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s the perfect time to shop small and support the brands that are near and dear to you — whether that’s a neighborhood bookstore where you buy all your novels or an independent online shop you found on Instagram.

Of course, you can always shop from Black-owned businesses and Latinx-owned stores, too.

Here at HuffPost Finds, each of our editors have their own favorite small businesses and direct-to-consumer brands like Food52 for kitchen gadgets, Glossier for makeup that doesn’t look like makeup and Ban.do for cute accessories.

In the spirit of shopping small, we put together a guide to the best gifts from small online companies to get this year. These are gifts that you probably won’t find anywhere else — including a cutting board with a special space for your phone, locket with a message from the future and casserole dish that’s pretty hot.

Take a look:

A garnet necklace that the goddess Aphrodite would approve of
Common Era
Common Era makes sustainable jewelry that's still stylish. The brand carries a "Goddess Collection" with the famous faces of Medusa, Athena and Persephone. But it's the one of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, that has our hearts. The necklace is made from solid gold vermeil and features an ethically sourced garnet stone. Find it for $320 at Common Era.
A cotton robe that feels like a cloud
Parachute's sheets and shams may have a loyal following, but you can't forget about all the company's loungewear. This cotton robe is a cult-favorite, with more than 500 reviews. It's made of Turkish cotton — which can work whether it's cold in the winter or a little warmer in the spring. Plus, this robe will work for anyone on your list. Find it for $99 at Parachute.
A casserole dish that's pretty hot
Great Jones
Founded in 2018, cookware company Great Jones is known for its Dutch oven called The Dutchess and sheet pan named Holy Sheet, both of which are bestsellers for the brand. But for the baker who has everything, this casserole dish can handle everything from a small roast to brownies and bread pudding. And, of course, it looks great, too — so they'll be proud to serve anything in it. Find it for $75 at Great Jones.
Mini bottles of olive oil to heat things up
Brightland makes olive oils and vinegars without any fillers or artificial preservatives, sourcing olives from a family-run farm in California. If there's someone in your life who likes to try tons of different things in the kitchen, you might just get them a set of four of the brand's bestsellers, including a champagne vinegar and an oil made with heirloom olives. Find it for $70 at Brightland.
A printer or poster from a Black artist
nawaalillustrations / Society6
Earlier in the year, we talked to experts about Black artists to know and buy from. And places like Society6 have a page dedicated to discovering Black artists. One of the prints that caught our eyes is this colorful from artist nawaalillustrations one that would stand out on any wall. Reminder that you should always support Black-owned businesses when you can. Find this print for $24 and check out more Black artists on Society6.
A candle subscription so they can find the right match
Brooklyn Candle Studio
Yes, you can get the candle lover a candle from a small brand like Otherland, Anecdote Candles or Homesick Candles. But to switch things up, you can turn to Brooklyn Candle Studio for a candle of the month club that'll help with scent burnout. Based in — you guessed it — Brooklyn, the brand makes cruelty-free and vegan candles in its workshop. The subscription service it offers sends a seaonsal candle and matchbox monthly (or every two or three months). Check out Brooklyn Candle Studio's subscription plans.
A mini nail polish set for the color-resistant
There's always one friend who isn't a big fan of color — they prefer more muted tones in their wardrobe. This mini nail polish set is for them. J.Hannah's nail polish are made with the "color-resistant" in mind with subtle shades with names like "Dune" and "Ghost Ranch." If you don't know, J.Hannah is probably more known for being a fine jewelry company that's sustainable, too. Find this set for $54 at J.Hannah. The brand has a nail polish set made in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well.
A mobile that can definitely hang around
depeapa / Etsy
Etsy, a marketplace for sellers to sell their handmade wares, offers tons of great gifts that are much more unique than ones you'd find anywhere else. To shop small, you can support Latinx-owned Etsy shops on the site. One of the artisans we noticed is depeapa, who makes everything from textiles to illustrations. This mobile caught our eyes with wood pieces painted by hand. It's a gift that anyone would appreciate. Find it for $55 on Etsy.
A matching athleisure set from a cult-favorite activewear brand
Girlfriend Collective
It seems that everyone has gone gaga for Girlfriend Collective, a size-inclusive and sustainable activewear brand. If there's someone on your list who has really gotten into working out in recent months, this matching athleisure set might just take those workouts to the next level. Check out Girlfriend Collective's bras and leggings.
A locket with a message from the future
Fortune & Frame
Fortune & Frame makes jewelry that holds fortunes and messages. And it's the brand's fortune cookie collection that we definitely can't get enough of. Here you'll find a locket in the shape of a fortune cookie that you can customize with your own fortune or pick from inspirational quotes. Find it for $148 at Fortune & Frame.
A t-shirt for the friend who misses their morning mimosas
You probably have one friend who misses weekend get-togethers at brunch. This t-shirt is for them, with the words "Emotional Brunch Club" printed in the front. It's from Ban.do, which is a favorite among our editors for its cute graphic tops and desk accessories. Find this t-shirt for $35 at Ban.do.
A pair hoops in the shape of a popular pastry
Mejuri makes fine jewelry that's meant for everyday wear, with pieces made from fairly sourced materials. A few of the brand's most popular pieces are in the shape of a croissant, including this ring and these hoops, which are more special-looking than regular hoops and can go with just about any outfit. The hoops are made with vermeil, which is a thick layer of gold over sterling silver. Find them for $75 at Mejuri.
A candle and sock set that really reflect a BIG mood
OUI the People
Black-owned beauty brand OUI the People has all kinds of shaving essentials, like a gold razor for sensitive skin, and body gloss to get glowy all over. But for a memorable gift that speaks to our strange times, you should go for the Current Mood Set. For the tired feminists out there, the set features a candle to burn the patriarchy and socks to remind everyone that being flawless is overrated. Find it for $48 at OUI the People.
A vibrator with lots of good vibes
It's been a lonely couple of months, especially for single folks. Fortunately, Dame makes sexual wellness products that are social distancing-approved (everyone needs a bit of satisfaction!). For those you know intimately (or just for yourself), this lipstick vibrator is designed to be ergonomic, with five different patterns and intensities. Find it for $95 at Dame.
A pack of undies that's pretty cheeky
Okay, so this is for the friend you know really well. Parade is a size-inclusive and sustainable underwear brand — the brand even donates 1% off its profits to Planned Parenthood. Coming in all kinds of colors, Parade's underwear has become pretty popular. This holiday season, the brand created a pack of high-rise, two-toned style undies that would be a cute stocking stuffer for the friend who's particular about their panties. Find the pack for $35 at Parade.
A limited-edition set of lip balms that's the balm-dot-com
Fan favorite makeup company Glossier has become famous on all corners of the internet with products like Boy Brow and Cloud Paint (our own editors swear by them!). For the holidays, Glossier recently released a limited-edition roulette-themed gift set, which features three of its Balm Dotcoms. The brand picks out the three, so what's inside is a surprise. The set comes in a gold-embossed, deck-of-cards-inspired pack for those who aren't afraid to take chances. Find it for $30 at Glossier.
A primer for a beauty lover that's buttery smooth
Beauty Bakerie
A Black-owned beauty brand, Beauty Bakerie creates cruelty-free makeup products that have a baking-theme to them like a "baking spray" that's actually a facial mist. You can also shop for Beauty Bakerie's products at Ulta. We especially love this butter primer that's supposed to be lightweight and smooth to apply. Find it for $24 at Ulta and Beauty Bakerie.
A linens set for any messes made in the kitchen
Caraway specializes in non-toxic ceramic cookware that come in pretty pastels. The brand's popular cookware set would be a splurgy gift for the special someone getting into cooking. Or you could go for this linens set that has everything but the kitchen sink. The set includes essentials for the kitchen, including tea towels, oven mitts, pot holders and an apron. The handwoven designs are inspired by vintage flour sacks. Find it for $135 at Caraway.
A cutting board with a special space for your phone
If you're wondering what's for dinner, Food52 is full of recipes to try out. Don't forget to check out "The Shop" though, which has tons of helpful kitchen gadgets to get cooking. One of our favorites is this cutting board with a phone slot and deep juice groove. It's from Food52's Five Two "community-driven" line of products — the line includes an apron worth adding to your cart, too. Find the board for $59 at Food52.
A pan that's always there for you
Our Place
Our Place's Always Pan has reached cult-favorite status and is a favorite with HuffPost readers. Since the pan can replace eight pieces of cookware, it's the right gift to get someone who has a small kitchen or the cook who doesn't want anything too fussy. Find it for $145 at Our Place.
A mug filled with some fowl language
Always Fits
If you've never shopped at Always Fits, we're here to tell you that you should do so immediately. Since 2010, the company has all kinds of funny and unique products including an ornament in the shape of a cocktail shrimp and cross-stitch bag clips. This mug features the faces of birds with, well, fowl names. Ideal for the person who can't go a sentence without cursing. Find it for $18 at Always Fits.
A plant pop for the plant parents in your life
The Sill
The Sill, a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers houseplants, is the perfect place to get presents for plant parents — whether it's a wreath or faux fern. But if you're looking to get them something they don't have, you can't go wrong with a plant pop that has holiday spirit. Find it for $5 at The Sill. Or you could check out the original ones, which have messages like "I dig you."
A trinket dish that wears its heart on its sleeve (kind of)
Brooklyn-based Catbird is probably best known for its jewelry, which is minimalist and well-made. But the brand has an entire section of its site dedicated to home goods, including cute little things like this trinket dish. It's made of unglazed porcelain and holds all sorts of, well, trinkets. Find it for $16 at Catbird.
A mini suitcase for those who miss traveling
There were a lot of trips that weren't taken this year. And you probably know someone who had to cancel their plans. While getting on an airplane might not be in their immediate future, you can get them a gift that helps their wanderlust a little, like this mini gift set from Away. Away's suitcases are on the pricier side, but this gift set comes with a mini one that they can take anywhere. The set includes products from some of the brand's favorite brands like Golde and We Are Fluide. But there's also others to choose from, too. Find it for $75 at Away.
A toy bundle for the cat person in your life
Cat Person
Everyone knows a cat person. Cat Person makes all sorts of cat care products including meal plans and beds for furry friends. For the holidays, the company has gifts like a beanie for cat people and catnip tea for two. This bundle includes stick, string and bell-and-catnip-stuffed plush toys. The three catnip toys are named Georgia, Jean-Michel and Jackson. It's a gift that any cat would meow over. Find it for $15 at Cat Person.

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