11 Gifts For Tween Boys And Girls That Are Actually Age Appropriate

Gift ideas for tween girls and boys 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 years old.
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Whether the tween on your shopping list is one you spend a lot of time with or not, gift ideas for tween boys and girls can be the hardest to think of. What does a tween who loves animals want? What are some gift ideas for tweens who love to read? What subscription boxes for tweens who love fashion?

It’s a Goldilocks scenario: You want gifts for tweens that aren’t too babyish, aren’t too grown up, but that are right in the middle. This way, you’re sure to give a gift the whole family will enjoy, which is important if you’re buying gifts for tweens who aren’t your own kids.

We went right to the source to find gift ideas for tweens, by tweens. These 11 gift ideas below are straight from the gift lists of actual tweens, and will surely give you some gifting inspiration for the weeks ahead.

Here, 11 gifts for tween boys and girls that are age appropriate.

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A copy of "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1: Squirrel Power," for bookish tweens.
Buy the first few volumes of the comic series that's perfect for that inbetweener age. Here, get The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 on Amazon.
These customizable cinch bags.
You can get cinch bags on Etsy customized with just about anything you can imagine, and tweens love anything that can be personalized and make just for them.
New bedding, to make their room feel more grown up.
Move them one step further away from their childish bedding by giving them new, more grown up bedding. Nothing says tweener like vibrant bedding covered in peace signs.
A design gift, for curious tweens.
Give a single crate or an ongoing subscription box on science and engineering, or art and design. These boxes are very easy to gift and are perfect for ages 9 to 16. Plus, they have great options for younger kids, too. Learn more about Kiwi Co. boxes here.
A personalized to-go cup, for the tween who wants to be like mom.
A tween may not need a personalized tumbler glass for having a beverage on the go, but there is something about owning a "grown up" item that'll surely surprise and delight them.
A Magic 8 Ball, for a classic gift.
What's old is new again. The Magic 8 Ball may not talk to you or do your math homework, but it will hone in on your tween's decision making skills.
A small smart home device, to list to their favorite music.
Whether it's the first smart home device in the house, or the third, an Amazon Echo Dotis the perfect way for tweens to feel like they have a bit more freedom, under their parents watchful eye.
A cute accessory to make their smart home device more kid friendly.
For the tween who already has a fun smart home device, make it feel more kid friendly with a cute speaker accessory, like this penguin speaker.
A kid friendly waterproof wristlet, for their phone and accessories.
If they're lucky enough to have a phone, the tween on your shopping list will love this wristlet that's big enough to fit their phone, and bright enough to keep track of it. Plus it's a forgiving fabric and great price point.
A National Geographic Kids subscription, for tweens who love animals.
National Geographic Kids
Give a magazine subscription fit for their hobbies. National Geographic Kids has a great digital and print option depending on the type of kid you're shopping for.
Some vintage walkie-talkie.
The novelty of something as simple as a walkie-talkie will delight the younger tech-savvy tween in your life. They'll love the novelty of these vintage toys, and it's perfect for tweens who might be too young for their own phone just yet.

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