20 Little Gifts Your Partner Will Appreciate If You're In A Long-Distance Relationship

Kissing keychains, cheeky cards and more things that'll warm the heart even if you're miles apart.

Long-distance relationships are never easy. Sometimes you need a different way to show the person you love them other than just saying it while frozen during a video chat. Sending your partner a little gift will show them just how much you miss and care about them. Here are 20 small gifts they will love.

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A set of vino tumblers
The Little Sparkle Shop / Etsy
You can both sip on wine and enjoy virtual happy hours, even if you're not in the same state.

The Little Sparkle Shop is a small business based in Gilbert, Arizona that sells signs, tumblers and other adorable gifts that'll cheer up your long-distance partner, family member or bestie.

Get a set from TheLittleSparkleShop on Etsy for $29.50+ (available in 16 primary and 22 secondary colors).
Kissing whale keychains
Even though you can't ~sea~ each other all the time, these cuties will lock lips when you hang out again.

Promising review: "This was perfect! I put one on my boyfriend's keychain and one on mine. We are long-distance and this was a cute gift. Whenever we are together the whales kiss." — Amazon Customer

Get a set of two from Amazon for $12.59+ (available in four colors).
Bond Touch bracelets
The bracelet will give your partner a subtle sign of love whenever they're missing you. They'll seriously melt when they receive a "touch" and their wrist lights up during the day or night. Here's how it works: Slip on the bracelets, sync them with the Bond Touch App and you can send touches (aka the bracelets light up) if you can't physically be together.

Promising review: "Loved being able to give this gift to my boyfriend. We are in a long-distance relationship living over an hour away from one another. With our very busy life schedules it makes it hard to always text to let each other know we’re thinking about the other person. This product is great! We can let each other know throughout the day we’re thinking about them with our secret touch codes." — Courtney

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $108.
A fill-in-the-blank book
You can fill this with funny affection notes, like why you love their taste in plants or why they deserve the best barista award.

Promising review: "I loved this little book. I got it for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. We're in a long-distance relationship so it was a perfect little thing to remind them of all the ways I love them. Lots of different, fill in the blank prompts." — Kierstin

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.
A sweet bouquet
Edible Arrangements
This gift will go straight to your favorite foodie's heart, because they can enjoy the juicy fruit and chocolate whenever they're craving a snack.

Get it from Edible Arrangements for $46.99+ (available in two sizes).
A block sign
They'll be over the moon when they receive it in a package from you. Plus, it'll look really cute on a nightstand!

Promising review: "I sent this to my boyfriend; we are in a long-distance relationship. It is perfect for his desk and a daily reminder. It is great quality and exactly what I was looking for." — Lunaloo

Get it from Amazon for $11.49.
Sushi socks
If your boo is missing your sushi dates, they will be delighted to receive accessories that look like their favorite types of maki.

Promising review: "Aesthetically and in terms of comfort, these socks are amazing! I bought them as a gift for my sushi-loving girlfriend and she was incredibly pleased, not in the least because the packaging is so creative and adorable. I definitely recommend buying these socks for the sushi-aficionado in your life." — Josh Martin

Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (available in two sizes).
A long-distance friendship lamp
Uncommon Goods
Light up their day, even if you're miles (or states) away. Just touch your lamp to send a little glow to your partner's lamp to communicate. Isn't it so dang cute?

Promising review: "This was a great gift and makes us feel so connected even though we live in different states. There is nothing more exciting than seeing it light up and or watching the colors change! As long as you follow the steps and use your computer the setup was super easy and quick! It's a little pricey, but definitely worth the smiles and feeling connected to someone far away." — Uncommon Goods Customer

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $85+ (sold individually and in a pair).
A hand-poured Homesick candle
Give this to remind them of you and the subtle scents of their favorite state. It has up to 80 hours of burn time and will help them relax whenever they're missing home.

Promising review: "I got this as a surprise for my boyfriend. I wasn't sure about how it would smell, but I figured even if he wasn't a fan it would be neat as a decoration for his room. When I surprised him with the candle and he smelled it, he actually got very emotional and started crying because he said the smell instantly brought back so many memories of home. Definitely worth my money." — Bailey K

Get it from Amazon for $29.97+ (available in 50 states).
A hands casting kit
This'll be a fun DIY date activity when you're together, and it also turns your interlocking fingers into a cool sculpture.

Promising review: "The instructions were easy to follow and it was a fun project to do with my partner. We were laughing the whole time while we have our hands in the bucket. Our hands came out so detailed and will go on our mantel so we can see it every day. A great way to show your love to one another." — veronica johnson

Get it from Amazon for $34.95.
A scratch-off world map
You and your S.O. can keep track of your global adventures together and create the ultimate travel bucket list.

Promising review: "I ordered this as a Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend who is a pilot. My thought was we could use it to scratch off places we visit together or even places he has flown to for work. He absolutely loved it! It is the perfect size, perfect for framing and hanging on the wall." — Ashley C.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes).
A funny card
In A Nutshell Studio / Etsy
This basically sums up long-distance relationships -- and will make their day when they check the mail.

In A Nutshell Studio is a small California-based business that sells cheeky cards and gifts, including ones for anniversaries, long-distance relationships and friendship.

Promising review: "The absolute best cards to share with someone you love! My boyfriend laughed so hard when they got this one." — Etsy Customer

Get it from InANutshellStudio on Etsy for $4.70.
Maya's Cookies
Maya's Cookies
You can't go wrong with gooey, chocolatey soft-baked cookies for your sweetheart. They're vegan, available in yummy flavors like Chocolate Cherry Truffle and Drunken Grandma (brown sugar, oatmeal and rum-soaked raisins) and packaged in pretty tins. There are also gluten-free options available for select flavors.

Maya's Cookies is Black woman-owned business known for delicious vegan cookies. Each cookie is baked to perfection with plant-based ingredients (no eggs, dairy and animal products) and customers love the variety of flavors, from classic chocolate chip to their famous "Everything" cookie, which has chocolate chips, pretzels, oatmeal, pecans, caramel chips and marshmallows.

Get them from Maya's Cookies for $24+ (available in 15 flavors).
A couples scrapbook
You can use this to cherish all your milestones, vacations and fun moments. Being apart sucks, but this heartwarming keepsake will make it a little better.

Promising review: "My girlfriend loved it! I put all of our memories (adventures) into it chronologically so that we can reminisce all the fun times we had. Would totally recommend for anyone who is creative, likes Disney movies, or has a lot of pictures to share." — AspurTagam

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.
A "message in a bottle"
You can write secret love notes for them to open at a later date. They'll crack up so much when they open each smiling pill capsule to find a memo from you.

Promising review: "I love, love, love this product. I bought it for my boyfriend since we are about to be in a long-distance relationship and I am so skeptical of buying stuff online but this was a win for sure. The bottle is very decently sized and good quality glass. The little papers and capsules with rings are so cute." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two sizes and five colors).
A photo tile (or two)
This will be an upgrade from the typical gallery wall and show off your cute memories, even if you're not together IRL. Old frames can totally take a backseat.

Get it from Shutterfly for $17.99+ (available in four sizes).
Pokémon coasters
Pallet Town Designs / Etsy
If your boo still has their entire card collection from the '90s, this is a no-brainer. Choose their favorite character (Charmander, Vulpix and more), and there's also an option to add glitter inside. They'll adore this whenever they drink.

Get them from Pallet Town Designs on Etsy for $15+ (available in two shapes and 70 Pokémon card options).
A plush doggo
They can cuddle with this when you're spending time apart. This cutie is so squishy soft, it may get more attention than your partner (sorry but not sorry).

Promising review: "It came vacuum-sealed and was honestly super fun to unpack, I got to watch him expand. My boyfriend and I love him, he’s so soft and he’s perfect for hugging while going to sleep, definitely worth it." — Frostflower

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in two sizes and seven styles).
A Skylight Frame
Skylight Frames
Show off photos of you and your bae in digital format. It's like a presentation, except instead of slides, you'll get to admire adorable pictures. Just upload photos (your partner can upload them remotely too!) and enjoy a personalized slideshow in minutes.

Promising review: "We love our Skylight frame. Since we don't live close to our families it is a great way to keep up with their lives. I love seeing the new photos pop up. It is so easy to use and has plenty of space. All of our children and grandchildren share photos with us. I have purchased frames for my sisters so we can share." — Skylight Frame Customer

Get it from Skylight Frames for $159.
Matching pizza shirts
You're the missing piece to their pie, and you can both rep your favorite food whether you're together or spending time virtually.

Promising review: "Bought the shirts for my boyfriend's birthday when we went to a comedy show. We looked so cute matching each other. I've washed the shirts several times since then they have not shrunk now the color is starting to fade just a little but not too much." — Donnesha brown

Get it from Amazon for $31.99+ (available in 30 size combinations).
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