The Oscars Of The GIF World Needs You


And you! And you and you and you. Kindly turn your attention to the only Vice-approved ceremony of awards season: The .GIFYs, a yearly event honoring the gems that sparkle in the dust of this terrible planet known as Internet.

Let us honor the humble Graphics Interchange Format, as we would a trillion Becks.

In its second year, the contest pits the best recent GIFs against each other, as chosen by a team of scholars. (Full disclosure: I was a panelist this year. Also, I was lying about being a scholar.) They're split into categories like Art and Cats and all are "safe for grandma." The winners are decided by public vote -- which ends today -- to be collected in an online capsule so your great great grandkids can laugh at how primitive we once were.

Best GIFs of 2014