Ballerina's Dazzling Photos Prove Her Scoliosis Is Just A Diagnosis

Gigi Crouch’s gorgeous Instagram photos reveal the life of a ballerina. Her dancing journey, though, has been more than just perfect balance and pointe shoes.

MTV News reports that Gigi has been ballet dancing since she was 11. At 13, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, which meant she'd have to wear a back brace for 18 to 20 hours a day and start physical therapy.

Though the 17-year-old currently has three major curves in her back, she’s never let scoliosis stand in her way. Her Instagram photos prove it.

Using the handle @scolerina9247, Gigi mixes her poised poses with elaborate landscapes. She has more than 59,000 followers and recently contributed to Instagram’s blog, where she explained she recently stopped wearing a brace after wearing one for three years.

On the blog, Gigi also mentioned expanding her creativity for her photos. The ballerina, who attends Pacific Northwest Ballet's Professional Division, enjoys photography and puts a lot of thought into her poses and layouts. Her photos are visually appealing, but what she really wants her followers to take away is that nothing can stand in the way of your dreams.

"I love to try to explore new angles and poses daily to get an output that is innovative, creative and pleasing to the eye. I hope that my pictures inspire others, and show them that nothing can stop you if you have passion.”

Check out more of Gigi's photos below.

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