Gil Cheung, Brandon University Basketball Coach, Sinks Half-Court Shot To Win Free Tuition For A Student (VIDEO)

If there were an award for coolest coach ever, this guy would be a shoo-in.

At Brandon University in western Canada, a halftime promotion at basketball games gives fans the chance to sink a half-court shot to win free tuition. This season, according to Yahoo, no one had been successful, so the school decided to tweak the rules for last Friday's game. The chosen fan could ask anyone in the building to shoot for them.

Mason Kaluzniak chose the Bobcats' head coach, Gil Cheung, who played basketball for four years at Brandon.

"He looked in our bench's direction and I jokingly said, 'Pick me!' " Cheung told Yahoo. "The toughest part was seeing how I can shoot with a suit on."

In the video above, Cheung loosens up, and then sinks the shot -- winning Kaluzniak free tuition for a semester.

After the game, Kaluzniak tweeted a thank you.

According to the Richmond Review, a semester of tuition at Brandon comes to about $2,310.15.



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