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Change My Mind: The Pants Break Debate

Trends and styles come and go, but when it comes to the clash of old school tradition and new school mod, fewer arenas are more heated currently than in men’s fashion. In partnership with Gillette and our friends at TSBmen, we turned to the guys who know best to settle a debate that ponders: When it all comes down to trousers, break or no-break?

Read on to see where you stand as these two dapper duelists get to the bottom of this break debate.

Foreword from TSBmen’s Dan Trepanier:

As one of the leading men's style websites online, we get hundreds of inquiries and questions from readers. Of the many issues that are discussed, one of the most common and controversial is the proper length for a man's trousers.

Historically, American men have worn their trousers wide through the leg with a long inseam, creating a puddling effect over the shoe known as a "full break." In recent years, men's fashion has become more mainstream and European-influenced (think "slim fit"); thus, pants have gotten slimmer and hemlines have gotten shorter.

Today, many fashion-conscious men are having their trousers tailored with "no break," allowing them to fall straight down and hit around the ankle, inevitably showing a little sock when walking or sitting. To some this is an annoying trend; to others it's the most aesthetically pleasing shape for a man's trousers.

Believe it or not, this has become a very heated topic for debate in the online menswear space.

Here, I debate the issue with Alex Yampolskiy, the head of business development for NYC's premiere custom clothier Michael Andrews Bespoke, and a strong advocate of the classic break.”