Gillette Encourages Guys To 'Go Ask Dad'

As a daddy, a marketer, and a blogger, I’m obviously in awe when I see a brand supporting fathers and all they do to support their families. As we gear up for Father’s Day, I imagine we’ll start to see brands celebrating dads and the role we play in our children’s lives more and more. At least I hope so. First out of the gate this year is Gillette with a continuation of its “Go Ask Dad” campaign from last year. I couldn’t be more happy as a marketer and as a dad.

Once again, the campaign is grounded in an insight that “84 percent of guys say their go-to source for information is their phone. And only 13 percent go to their dads.” That’s a little sad, to tell you the truth.

Not a surprise though, given the fact that most millennials also say that they sleep with their phone. But there are times when a digital resource isn’t enough to answer a question or help solve a situation. There are times when technology isn’t the avenue, and in fact it can get in the way. There are times when a guy should just “go ask dad.”

Like “How do I ask a girl out?” Technology can’t possibly answer that like a dad can!

Which is why Gillette put this video out there... to inspire guys to not always turn to technology for advice, but to turn to the guy who you can trust most... dad.

I also love how the brand wove the tech du jour topic of AI into the mix, making us realize that as technology progresses, it still won’t ever replace the human relationships that add the most value to our lives.

I come from a time when dads were often portrayed as bumbly fumbly fools who couldn’t possibly be trusted to take care of their kids. Babysit, maybe, but true care giving, well, that was reserved for moms. So for me it’s refreshing and inspiring and just down right REAL to see Gillette represent us so positively and accurately...just in time for Father’s Day.

And yes, we are really good at giving our sons and daughters advice. Just ask us.

Bravo and thank you.

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